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Monday, 27 May 2013

Review | Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid

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Hello everyone I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Now that it's coming up to Summer time I love having glowing and tanned skin, but living in England means the Sun is pretty hard to come by! I usually resort to fake tan but I've never found a product that delivers a completely streak free and even finish. I was recently asked by TanLand whether I would like to try the Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid and I have to say, I was very excited to test it out. I've heard so many great things about Fake Bake and seen brilliant results with girls coming out with golden and glowing skin after using it! Now, I am a very paled skinned girl, so I much prefer fake tans that give a natural looking glow to my skin rather than going a deep tan colour; I just don't think it suits me! So I was very interested to see how well this worked with my skin tone.

| About Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid |
Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan is a weekly tanning solution that delivers a streak free, flawless looking tan that's meant to suit all skin tones and types. Fake Bake's "show ehere it goes" guide colour means that the product is a very dark brown shade - almost scary looking against my pale skin! However, once it's buffed into your skin it turns into a golden colour which is your guideline to show where you have applied the fake tan. I love the idea of a tan actually showing you where you've applied as it allows you to see the areas you've missed and helps give you a more even finish. As with most high end fake tans Fake bake's formula of active ingredients are blended to minimise the chances of an orange looking tan and instead give a sun kissed glow to your skin. One final thing about the Fake Bake tan is that instead of smelling like standard fake tan, it's actually scented with black coconut which makes it smell amazing! It seriously reminds me of sitting on the beach sipping Pina Coladas and I absolutely love it! However, I'm pretty sure this scent won't be to everyone's taste as it can be a bit strong, but I personally think it smells 100 times better than normal fake tan.

| What products come with Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid? |
As you can see, the Flawless Self Tan Liquid actually comes as a mini kit and has a mitt and gloves included. I think this is very helpful, especially if you haven't got either of these to hand. The mitt is very soft and buffs out the fake tan beautifully. The gloves are pretty standard and are there just to stop the fake tan seeping through the mitt and staining your palms. The actual bottle of tan is very nice and I've had no problems in terms with it leaking! It's a small bottle which makes it easy to hold whilst you are applying the tan, something that I think is important. The spray nozzle comes separately from the actual bottle, I think this is just so it can't leak if you're travelling with it. I was a little bit worried about using a spray bottle as I've only used aerosols before and I thought that it may make my tan come out a bit patchy! However I found it just as easy to apply with, the tan sprayed out as an even mist and then blended out just as well as other instant tans I've used before. Finally you also get a small instructions sheet that gives you direction and tips about how to apply the tan. It's straight to the point, easy to read and I found it very helpful for applying the tan!

| How I applied Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid |
1. To prep my skin for the fake tan, I exfoliated with Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush Scrub in the shower. Once out the shower, I went over any drier areas with an exfoliating mitt and I then applied Soap & Glory's Smoothie Star body lotion. Exfoliating and moisturising before fake tanning is essential if you want to achieve an even and natural looking tan as it will remove any dead and dry skin.

2. I left my body lotion to sink in for about an hour and then started to apply the Fake Bake tan. Starting with my arms I applied 4 - 6 pumps of tan on to the mitt and then started to buff into my skin. I then repeated this until I was happy with the guideline colour. I found applying tan this way creates a more natural looking glow instead of instantly going a golden brown colour. For my legs, I applied around 6 - 8 pumps to the mitt and repeated the same process. Finally for my face, I simply wiped the tanning mitt across my face just for a gentle hint of colour. To tan my whole body it only took around 20 minutes, so was very quick and easy to do. Once I had buffed the tan into my skin, I found that it dried quickly and left my skin feeling very soft. Even though this fake tan only takes 4 - 6 hours to develop, I left it on over night to ensure it was fully developed.
I repeated this process for the second application.

3. For the third application, I wanted to see how this tan worked if I sprayed it directly on to my skin and then buffed it in. I found this way I needed the same amount of product yet it was much more effective at making my skin darker. It was just as easy to blend into my skin and it didn't leave me looking patchy or uneven. Again, I left it to develop over night and in the morning I was left with evenly tanned and glowing skin.

| Overall thoughts on Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid |
As you can see from the photos my skin looks a lot more tanned and glowing, especially on my arms (they always seem to take to fake tan better than my legs). The finish was also very even and natural looking so definitely lives up to it's "flawless looking" claims! I'm very happy with the results from this fake tan and think the colour I achieved from the 3 applications is great. After the third application, I left my tan to see how well it faded over the week. After a few days I definitely noticed that the tan was fading but wasn't as patchy as I expected, just a couple darker spots near my wrists! Other tans I've tried before have left huge patches on my forearms, so this is one of the best that I've tried.
The only issue I had with this tan is that when I applied it in the evening, I found that it transferred on my my bed sheets and clothes, even after waiting a good hour for it to dry! I think I will have to stick to using this during the day rather than just before bed, which is a shame as I like how easy it is to apply at night and simply wash off in the morning.

Overall Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid is a really nice product and I can see it working for any skin tone as you can control the amount of tan you apply. It is definitely one of the best fake tans I've used and I think it just beats my St Moriz tan as the finish is a lot more even and flawless looking!

You can buy Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid from for just £19.95 with free UK delivery!

Have you tried Fake Bake tan before? What's your favourite fake tan?


  1. Great review! This sounds really great, I've never tried fake tan before but since the weather is pretty rubbish at the minet Mayer it's time I started haha!

  2. This looks quite good actually, I expected it to be a lot darker than that. I'm pale too so I like fake tan (if I ever use it) to look natural and not orange, great post :D
    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

    1. I expected it to be darker too, I guess it's down to how much you apply and I like a more natural finish :) xx

  3. I bought this but I really didn't like it, I had a dodgy bottle that didn't spray and I really didn't like the smell.

    1. Oh no :( I knew the smell wouldn't appeal to everyone, it is very strong! xx

    2. The spray bottle that comes with the product is too long for the bottle. The natural solution I came up with was cutting down the straw to make it short enough to fit in the bottle and prevent leaks. CUT THE STRAW before you use and your Fake Bake won't leak or get clogged up.

    3. The spray bottle that comes with the product is too long for the bottle. The natural solution I came up with was cutting down the straw to make it short enough to fit in the bottle and prevent leaks. CUT THE STRAW before you use and your Fake Bake won't leak or get clogged up.

  4. I have to admit, its lighter than I'd of thought after 3 applications but it looks really natural :)

  5. I like that this looks natural and not super orangey-fake like most self-tanners do :)


  6. I desperately need some fake tan, I'm daz white, thanks for the revews

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)



  7. Wow, that looks so pretty and really natural x

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  9. I use Fake Bake to spray tan with and i have to say it is a great product. It has given you such a nice natural colour too :)


  10. Really great review :) love it! ..... will follow everyone back xo

  11. Thank you for the Post.actually i don't know about the fake tan.when i read your review i got some idea about the Fake Tan.

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