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Wednesday 10 July 2013

Review | Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Packaging Review Belle-amie
Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Shades Palette Review Belle-amie
Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Palette Close Up Review Belle-amie
Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Step By Step Lesson Review Belle-amie
Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Swacthes Boi-ings 02 Concealer Review Belle-amie
Me Wearing Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Eye Shadow Palette Review Belle-amie

Hello lovelies! I hope you're all well and having a lovely week. Now, I'm the kind of girl who loves a natural eye look as I've never been confident enough to pull off bold and bright colours - I much prefer a bright lipstick! A few months ago after having my makeup done at a Benefit counter, I decided to pick up yet another natural eye shadow palette to add to my collection. This is the Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes kit that contains 3 neutral pink and brown eye shadows and a Boi-ing concealer in shade 02. I thought this would be a perfect little palette that would give everything you need to create and effortless yet very pretty eye look!

Base - a shimmery light pink/ nude
Crease - a shimmery pink/ brown
Liner - a matte medium brown

So as I said, you get 3 gorgeous pink and brown toned eye shadows in this kit that all work very well together to create a very pretty and natural eye look. Each shadow is labelled and shown in the step-by-step guide where you can apply it, so this kit is perfect for people who are just starting out with eye shadow. For me, I apply the Base colour all over my lid and into the inner corners of my eyes. I then apply and blend the Crease colour into the crease of my eye lid, just above the Base shadow, which adds definition to your eye. Finally I apply the Liner colour along my upper lash line to work as a powder eye liner and makes my eye lashes look fuller. I love how these shadows look on my eyes and I think they all work really well together. As the Base and Crease colours have a slight pink tone to them, I find they suit my brown eyes very well. However, I do think all of these shadows would suit every eye and skin colour as they're so neutral and flattering. The shimmery eye shadows are extremely pigmented, soft and easy to blend which makes them both work very well together. As the Liner is a matte shade, it isn't as pigmented but is still easy to work with along the lash line. I'm really impressed with the quality of the shadows in this kit and it's definitely one of those products you could use every day.

As for the Boi-ing concealer, unfortunately the shade is way too dark and orange for my skin tone and I can't really use it. I do have this concealer in shade 01 and I find it works a lot better for me. This concealer offers a lot of coverage and is very easy to blend into the skin. I do think they should offer a light, medium and dark version of this palette so that more people can get use out of the concealer instead of it going to waste!

The packaging of the Big Beautiful Eyes kit is so cute and I love how small and compact it is. Along with the shadows and concealer, you do also get a couple mini brushes which makes this kit easier to use whilst travelling! I don't actually use these brushes as I much prefer my own, but they aren't bad quality and you could definitely get away with using them! There is also a little mirror inside the palette which is always handy for using on the go. Finally, you also get a little lesson card which shows you how and where to apply the shadows and concealer to achieve your big beautiful eyes look. It also has a couple tips and tricks to make application easier just in case you are new to makeup!

Overall this is a lovely little eye shadow kit and is the kind of product everyone needs in there collection as it's so compact and perfect for everyday use! I also think the shadows can be used to create a day to night look just by intensifying the liner and crease colour - so again it's a very versatile product. I highly recommend Benefit products and if you're thinking of trying the Big Beautiful Eyes kit, then definitely try it out!

Have you tried Benefit's Big Beautiful Eyes eye contour kit?


  1. I haven't tried this, but you do look lovely, Amie.

  2. It's a shame about the concealer being too dark, because otherwise I would buy it. They should release a palette with just the eyeshadows in :(!
    Lovely post x

  3. I'm a neutral eye girl myself too and this palette looks right up my street, I also love how Benefit make everything so simple with their tips and tricks! xx

  4. This is so lovely, I have this on my wishlist xx


  5. oh it's just divine. I'm so into neutrals and this would be the perfect trio! However, I'm not feeling the shade of the concealer so I don't know how much use I would get off it. And another downside is that the shadows probably will fly over to the concealer making it greasy and discoloured?

    1. I haven't found that the shadows make the concelaer go funny :) There isn't much fall out with them! xx

  6. I've never tried this, but it looks great! I don't know how I feel about using a concealer? But this seems like a good, everyday look :)

    Life of Mabel

  7. I have this and love it! It's such a great size too, perfect for travelling :) xx

    D Is For...

  8. This kit looks very foolproof - I definitely need it. Great review


    Bamboozle Beauty

  9. I love the colors but such a bummer about the concealer, doesn't really make sense not to have different shades! Great review!

    -Maddy @

  10. If I didn't already own a gajillion neutral eyeshadows/palettes I would be ALL over this one. Shame about the concealer though; I can't believe Benefit doesn't make a version of the palette for each shade of concealer they make!! :/


  11. Such a nice palette!


  12. Nice look! I really love that contour shade!

  13. Gorgeous palette! Those colors are so flattering!


  14. Your lashes are amazing. Also the palette looks great :)

  15. Really is gorgeous! x

  16. Oooh this looks sooo lovely!:)

  17. this is really pretty! i dont really wear neutrals enough to justify buying it but it looks pretty on you :)

  18. I love this! I was tempted to buy this. I love the little manual. So cute!


  19. I have this palette and I love it :) Mine's looking slightly worse for wear now as it's been used a LOT, and the packaging hasn't held up too well lol xx

  20. This palette looks gorgeous on you! Have yet to try any benefit eyeshadows. Definitely adding this to my shopping list! :)

    Alannah |

  21. This looks lovely, neutral shades are so up my street so will definitely be taking a look at this!

    You have such a cute blog!

    Holly |

  22. such gorgeous shades, lovely :)

  23. I had this kit and loved it, but I accidentally dropped it in the toilet! It was such a sad day. I've been meaning to replace it, and I just never did. I seriously loved it, though. I love that it included concealer as well, such a great idea.

  24. I had a mini makeover at a Benefit counter where they used this and it looked lovely on my eyes. Really informative review, new reader! :)

  25. Looking really natural and lovely! I so need something like that palette.

  26. I have this problem with their kits, too. They offer great packages, but they aren't versatile enough for everyone to utilize.

  27. This looks like a really useful product, I'm the same as you and am a bit wary of eyeshadows - which usually means I just avoid them, unfortunately! But I might be able to branch out to something like this :) Also I really appreciate the fact that you show it on your eyes rather than just through swatches like some bloggers do, so much more useful.

    Claire xx

  28. I've been wanting this for SO LONG. As a neutrals lover myself, I desperately need it. The fact that the packaging is beautiful doesn't help. I'm a fellow brown eyed girl and I really think the shades will work for me. Shame about the concealer being too dark on you. Other than that, it seems lovely because it blends easily and provides great coverage. I agree with you Amie. It would have made better sense to release different versions of this palette with concealers to match a wide range of skin tones to cater for more women. :) I may just treat myself to one.

    PS the shades looks lovely on you.


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