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Tuesday 31 March 2015

The Body Shop Beauty Haul


The other day I placed a fairly large order on The Body Shop website and I thought I would show you what products I picked up! At the time they were holding a 50% off sale and I also had a 40% off code, so let's just say I felt like a kid in a sweet shop! I've managed to pick up some products I've wanted to try for quite a while plus there's a couple of impulse buys which I think have turned out to be some great finds!


Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask
After falling in love with my Vitamin E night oil from Body Shop, I thought I would finally try out some more products from the line. This skin care line is targeted at all skin types and is particularly great for sensitive skin which is why I love this range. The first things I popped into my basket were a few of these Vitamin E moisture masks as they sounded really nourishing and lovely for my skin. These worked out after all the discounts at 60p each which I thought was great, especially if they work really well!

Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil
In the Summer time I really get into applying body lotions and butters, but I've never actually tried a body oil. Out of all the scents they had on offer I decided Brazil Nut would be the nicest. It also contains almond oil which is known for it's super hydrating qualities. What's great about these oils is that they can be used on your hair, face and body so have tonnes of uses! The oil is really lightweight so I'm sure it will be lovely for an over night nourishing facial treatment or to help smooth down any fly-away hairs during the day.


Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil | LINK
I've read quite a lot of good reviews about this cleansing oil and I thought it was worth trying whilst I had my discount code. What I love about oil cleansers is that they instantly dissolve any traces of makeup and are super gentle on the skin. As this cleansing oil contains camomile, it's perfect for sensitive and dry skins and will keep your skin feeling soft and supple. I used this last night to remove my makeup and it's really quick and simple to do - definitely a new favourite for my skin care routine!

Vitamin E Hydrating Toner | LINK
I ran out of my facial toner ages ago and never bothered to pick a new one up as my skin seemed to be fine without one. But as we go into the warmer months, it's always nice to have something like this in your skin care routine to help freshen up your face. Again this is from the Vitamin E line so is really gentle on the skin whilst helping remove any last traces of makeup and impurities. I've used this a couple times and I do find it lovely on the skin. I will probably do some in depth reviews on these 2 products in a couple months and let you know how I get on with them!


Early-Harvest Raspberry Body Scrub
I honestly can't get over how amazing this body scrub looks and smells - it's gorgeous! It contains really raspberry extracts and seeds which makes it fairly gentle on the skin. I love how it looks just like raspberry jam and smells good enough to eat (however it clearly says on the tub not to!) This will be a lovely body scrub to use in the Summer as the fruity scent will be really refreshing and revitalising in the shower!

Vanilla Brulee Body Butter
My final products in my Body Shop haul was actually the main reason why I even placed an order on the website! My boyfriend gave me a mini version of the Vanilla body butter at Christmas time and since then I've had it on my to-buy list as it smells absolutely amazing! Luckily it went into the sale and with the added 40% off it made this huge tub of body butter just under £4 - bargain! I love how quickly these body butters sink into your skin and leave it feeling soft and smelling lovely. I find these scent also lasts such a long time, so I'd definitely recommend you trying out their body butters!

So this is everything I picked up from The Body Shop recently and I'm so excited to start trying out all of these products. I believe all together these products came to £24 which I think is great considering a couple of these were full price and I've been able to try so many products that have been on my wish list for quite some time! I hope you enjoyed today's post and I'll speak to you again soon!

Have you bought anything from The Body Shop recently?
What's your favourite product from The Body Shop?

Tuesday 24 March 2015

OPI Mini Nail Treatments


 I'm someone who loves to have well manicured nails, but there never seems to be enough time in the day to do so! As soon as I go to paint my nails something else more important will always crop up or (the classic) as soon as I've finished painting them I instantly have to do something that will inevitably ruin my perfect mani! So I usually find I have to result to some handy nail treatments that speed up the process of painting my nails.

Last year I managed to find a set of 4 OPI Mini Treats nail treatments in my local TK Maxx (read the haul here) and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out some well known favourites in the beauty world. The set I bought includes: Chip Skip, RapiDry, Nail Envy and Top Coat which are 4 vital products to keep in your manicure box! Since picking this set up I've used most of these products pretty much every time I've painted my nails, so I thought I would share my thoughts on them with you!


O.P.I Chip Skip | LINK
Chip Skip is essentially a nail primer that you apply just before painting your nails and helps remove excess oils so that your nail polish will last longer with minimal chipping. I do find this product works well, but only with certain nail polishes for some odd reason. For example, I find this works really well with my Maybelline nail polishes but doesn't seem to get along with Nails Inc ones and I find they chip within a day! I personally think you would get the same (if not better) effect just by using straight up acetone on your nails just before applying your nail polish as it does the exact same job! I wouldn't buy the full size version of this product but I will continue to use this in the future.

O.P.I RapiDry Top Coat | LINK
This little top coat is an absolute life saver and is probably one of the best fast dry top coats I've used to date! As I'm always in a rush to paint my nails I tend to use the RapiDry Top Coat as it leaves a lovely glossy finish to my nails plus makes them touch dry within a couple minutes. It's also great at minimising chipping and my nails usually stay looking great for around 3 days before chipping with this top coat. For me this is great as I like to change up my nail polish quite frequently anyway. I'm currently half way through my little bottle of this but I will definitely consider investing into a full size version of this top coat!

O.P.I Nail Envy Original | LINK
Ahh the infamous Nail Envy! This is probably my favourite nail treatment from this little set (followed closely by the RapiDry Top Coat!). Since using this on a regular basis I've definitely found my nails have grown quicker and (most importantly) have become stronger! I've always suffered with very weak nails, especially in the Winter months, so having found a nail treatment that really works excites me! What I also love about Nail Envy is that it's super fast drying and leaves a lovely shine on the nails, so is the perfect product to throw on to achieve clean, shiny nails before you head out the door! I would definitely purchase this in the full size version as it's really helped the condition of my nails.

O.P.I Top Coat | LINK
The final mini from this set is the standard OPI Top Coat which aims to give you a glossy finish and help minimise chipping. I'll be honest and say this is the treatment I've used the least purely because I love the speediness of the RapiDry Top Coat. However this does work really well and is great to use if you want to spend time on your manicure. Plus having a mini clear nail polish is super handy as you can pop it in your makeup bag for when you're travelling! I probably won't buy the full size of this mainly because I love the quick dry version, plus there's so many amazing high street versions of normal top coats that I would much rather use.


So these are my views on some of OPI's best selling nail treatments! I think their mini sizes are a great way to try out their products without committing your self to a full size product. Plus considering these nail polishes are only 3.75ml each they have lasted me almost a year which is amazing! If you're looking into trying any of these products definitely have a look around your local TK Maxx for the Mini Treats set.

Have you tried any of OPI's nail treatments?
What are your favourite nail products for the perfect manicure?

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Fashion Haul | Primark, Miss Selfridge & More


As we're now going into the Summer months, the shops are now starting their mid-season sales and of course (being a massive shopaholic) I can't resist a good bargain! With the added factor that I have finally booked 2 holidays for the Summer to Menorca and Lanzarote, I felt like I had a good reason to splurge a bit on some new clothes. A lot of these pieces I had actually had my eye on for quite a while, so I was pleasantly surprised to find them in the sale for such a good price! I've also needed to update my Spring/ Summer footwear for quite some time now and I've managed to find some really lovely shoes that will last me right through the season!


Miss Selfridge Dog Tooth Top | £7.00 | LINK
This little crop top (and the matching skirt below) was one of the main pieces that I very nearly bought a couple weeks ago - good job I waited as I was able to find them in the sale in my local House of Fraser! I'm a big fan of monochrome clothes as they're so easy to wear and go with almost anything. I think this top will be great for the upcoming months as it's lightweight, super soft and can be made to look Summery if you pair it with a bright necklace or some cute denim shorts.


Miss Selfridge Dog Tooth Mini Skirt | £10.00 | LINK
As they also had the matching skirt left in my size, I thought I may as well pick up the co-ords set in this pattern as they look really cute worn together and separately are both staple pieces to have in your wardrobe. Again this is made from a lovely soft material and to make it Summery I would definitely pair it with a bright coloured crop top and some pretty sandals.


Miss Selfridge Cut Out Crop Top | £25.00
 I'm always looking out for simple tops that can be worn with anything. I spotted this cute little white crop top in Miss Selfridge and thought it would be perfect to pair with skirts, shorts, patterned trousers - you name it! I really liked the cut out detail across the bottom and the added white gems make it really Summery and cute. It also comes in black (which I'm really tempted to get) so this top is a great staple for any wardrobe! 


 Miss Selfridge Black Geo Print Mini Skirt | £15.00 | LINK
 Again this is another skirt I've had my eye on and was very happy to finally see it in the sale in my size! I find this style of mini skirt from Miss Selfridge comes up really big so I do recommend you trying it on before purchasing. These skirts are really easy to wear as they're flattering and super comfy. They're also great to dress up for a meal out with friends or just to wear during the day when out shopping!


 Oasis Puppy Tooth Shorts | £8.00 | LINK
More dog tooth print - what can I say, I'm just too obsessed with black and white prints! These little tailored shorts are a great all year round piece as they look great with thick tights in the Winter and also just with a coloured camisole top when it's warmer!


Primark Burgundy Textured Skater Skirt | £1.00
I love finding amazing bargains in the Primark sales and this cute skater skirt for just £1? How could I pass it up! This skirt is made from a thick textured material so would probably suit more in the cooler months, but as the weather is never guaranteed in England, I'm sure I'll get plenty of wear out of this before Summer starts! This skirt looks great with little white tops or shirts tucked in and some black ankle boots. A great versatile piece that was an absolute bargain!


Dorothy Perkins Scallop Edge Flat Pumps in Aqua & Nude | £12.00 each | LINK
I've been after some simple flats for such a long time and was really happy to find these little beauties in Dorothy Perkins! The scallop edges were an instant winner with me and because I couldn't decide whether to get the aqua or nude colour, I got both! I thought that the tan flats will go with pretty much everything and the aqua ones will add a lovely pop of colour to an outfit. These flats are comfy to wear all day, but definitely need some wearing in as they've given me some nasty blisters on my heels - ouch!


Primark Nude Flower Sandals | £6.00
Primark have some amazing sandals in at the moment, and with my 2 holidays coming up I thought I would start early and pick up a few pairs. The first ones I spotted were these super cute nude material floral sandals that have rose gold and sparkly details in the middle of each flower! These sandals will go with any outfit as they're a simple nude colour and will help complete any girly look.


Primark Rose Gold Strap Sandals | £6.00
I can definitely say these sandals will be a firm blogger favourite this Summer. Rose gold, sparkles? Who could possibly say no to that! Again as they are a simple nude colour these sandals will go with everything and I really can't wait to wear them! I like that these have that added strap across the foot as I'm always worried my sandals are going to flip off when I'm walking! These are absolutely gorgeous and definitely recommend you picking up a pair when you're next in Primark!


Primark Tan Laser Cut Sandals | £4.00
 The last shoes in my fashion haul are a simple pair of tan cut out sandals that cost a mere £4! I always go for sparkly sandals and thought I should get a simple pair that I can wear on a day to day basis. What's also great is that these sandals are ridiculously comfy as the faux leather is really soft and hugs the foot really well. Just be careful about tan line with these, unless you like the mosaic effect haha!

I hope you enjoyed today's fashion haul! The high street shops seem to have some great pieces out at the moment, whether it's in their sales or new lines, so definitely take a look. If you've written a fashion post recently I would love a read so leave your links below! Thanks for reading!

Link your latest fashion hauls below!

Friday 13 March 2015

£150 Look Fantastic Voucher Giveaway | CLOSED


Hello everyone! I hope you've all had a lovely week and are now looking forward to the weekend ahead - hopefully this beautiful weather will stick around. To kick start the weekend I have an amazing giveaway to share will all that I'm sure you will all be super excited to enter! I was contacted by Voucher Box and was asked if I'd like to host a competition in which one of my lucky readers will be able to win a £150 Look Fantastic voucher to spend on their website! Yes that's right, £150 to spend on anything on the Look Fantastic website - I'm slightly jealous I can't enter myself but really excited for one of you guys to win!

To enter this giveaway all you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter widget below - the more entries you do means you have a higher chance of winning! The 3 mandatory entries are: following my blog on Blog Lovin' to show your support for Belle-amie, leaving your e-mail address so I can contact you if you're the winner and leaving a comment telling me what you'd spend the £150 voucher on if you won! As Look Fantastic sells a huge range of high end beauty products I would love to know what products are at the top of your wish list.

This giveaway starts on Friday 13th March 2015 and finishes 2 weeks later on Friday 27th March 2015 and is open internationally. I will contact the winner by e-mail or Twitter within 24 hours of the competition ending. The winner will have 72 hours to claim their prize otherwise I will have to select a new winner.

Good luck to everyone who enters!

Tuesday 10 March 2015

February Favourite's


Once again we've entered a new month in 2015 - seriously, where is this month going? It's flying by already! Even though February is a short month, I've seemed to have found some new beauty favourites that I have really been loving. This month I have found some new hair and body care staples that I've really been enjoying. If you want to hear about why I love this little collection of products, then do keep on reading!


Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo, Conditioner & Treatment | LINK
 A few months ago I was torn between buying 2 different shampoo and conditioner sets; the L'Oreal Elvive Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz and the Garnier Ultimate Blends The Nourishing Repairer. I opted for the L'Oreal one as I was really suffering with frizzy hair at this point, however I was unimpressed with it as it left my hair feeling dry and dull. So I went back last month and picked up the Ultimate Blends range and I couldn't be more happier with them! These products leave my naturally dry hair feeling really soft, sleek and totally nourished. Plus the scent of this range is amazing and smells good enough to eat. I'm planning on doing an updated hair care routine soon so I'll go into more depth about each product in that post.

Soap & Glory Whipped Clean Shower Butter | LINK
 I have to be honest and say I'm really bad at applying body lotion after my shower. I'd much rather have that extra 10 minutes in bed than standing around waiting for my body butter to sink in. So instead I've started to use Soap & Glory's Whipped Clean which is an in-shower body butter that you apply to your skin and then you rinse it off after. It literally takes about 2 minutes and you don't have to worry about waiting for it to sink in and having that tacky feel to your skin. Whipped Clean just leaves my skin feeling super soft and smelling gorgeous - with macadamia oil, cocoa and shea butter it's absolutely divine!

The Body Shop Deep Sleep Mist | LINK
 I've always been a light sleeper but up until a month ago I'd been getting some really bad night's sleep. I would literally toss and turn not being able to get comfy which results in me getting extremely frustrated and having a really rubbish night's sleep. After reading some reviews of The Body Shop Deep Sleep Dreamy Body Mist, I thought it was worth a shot trying it to help me get relaxed before bed. The scent is quite strong but once diffused into the air it creates a really nice calming atmosphere to the room. I usually spray this about 20 minutes before I go to bed to let the scent settle and I can honestly say this has dramatically improved my quality of sleep! It helps me drift off easier by calming and relaxing me before bed. This is now a staple on my bed side table and I will definitely keep repurchasing it in the future.

O.P.I Mini Nail Envy | LINK
In the Winter months I find it really hard to grow my nails as they get really dry and brittle. However I've started to reach for my little bottle of OPI Nail Envy a lot more often and have been using it a couple times a week. So far I've noticed that my nails are a lot stronger and aren't as easy to break. What I also like about Nail Envy is how quick it dries. If I'm about to head out the door but want to add a bit of shine to my nails this is what I'll reach for as it literally dries in seconds! I know this is a blogger staple, but I do really recommend trying this nail treatment!

So these are the products that I really have been enjoying this month! If you're on the hunt for any new products to try then I'd definitely recommend give these a try.

What products have you been loving this month?

Wednesday 4 March 2015

Bold Spring Lips | Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquers

Soap And Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquers What Cha Ma Coral Charm Offensive Bold Spring Lips Review Belle Amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog
Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquers | £7.00 each | LINK

Now that we're coming up to Spring, it's finally time to swap up my makeup and bring back some brighter lip colours into my makeup routine. After falling in love with the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquer in Riot (a gorgeous bright red - see my review here) I decided to pick up some more shades that would be perfect for the Spring and Summer months. Lip lacquers are the perfect in between of a lipstick and gloss, so they're great to create an effortless bold lip.

Soap And Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquers What Cha Ma Coral Charm Offensive Bold Spring Lips Review Belle Amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog
Soap And Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquers What Cha Ma Coral Charm Offensive Bold Spring Lips Packaging Review Belle Amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog
Soap And Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquers What Cha Ma Coral Charm Offensive Bold Spring Lips Review Belle Amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog

Soap & Glory only have a small selection of lip lacquers, yet all of which I would buy in a heart beat as they offer some beautiful shades. The main shade at the top of my "to buy" list was Whatchama-Coral  which is a beautiful bright coral shade that's going to be perfect for going into the Spring and Summer. Knowing me, I love a good coral lip colour so this was a must have to get for my makeup collection. The other shade I have that's great for this time of year is Charm Offensive which is a pink toned nude that's really wearable and makes a lovely everyday lip colour.

What I love about these lip lacquers is that they offer a rich pigmentation of colour and a glossy finish but don't make your lips feel sticky or uncomfortable! Some lip lacquers I've tried in the past I literally have to take off minutes later because they feel horrible on the lips! The Sexy Mother Puckers are the complete opposite and actually give your lips a nourishing feel as well as offering the opaque lip colour. I can find that when you pull the wand out of the tube it may come across as "gloopy", but once applied this disappears and they glide on beautifully. If you wanted more of a matte finish (or just to tone down the colour) you can just pat on a small amount of the product with your finger and it leaves a matte stain effect that's also really pretty.

With the easy to use wand, these lip lacquers are quick and simple to apply and I find the applicator is the perfect size to fit into the corners of your lips. The wand also applies the product evenly and I've never had an issue with these lacquers applying in patches - I'm always able to achieve an opaque finish in seconds!

Soap And Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquers What Cha Ma Coral Charm Offensive Bold Spring Lips Wand Applicator Review Belle Amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog
Soap And Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquers What Cha Ma Coral Charm Offensive Bold Spring Lips Swatch Review Belle Amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog

As you can see from the swatches, these lip lacquers really are pigmented and give you loads of colour to create that perfect bold Spring lip! I find the wear time of these lacquers is amazing, even after eating or drinking I can still see a strong hint of colour coming through which will easily last me 4 to 6 hours. Even if the main bulk of product has come off your lips after a few hours, the stain of the lacquer will still last so your lips will have a tint of colour all day long.

One last thing I love about the Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquers is the smell! I love how Soap & Glory scent their lip products with a lovely vanilla fragrance which is subtle yet delicious at the same time! This vanilla scent always makes me think of MAC lipsticks and instantly makes me feel that the Soap & Glory lip product I'm wearing is much more expensive than it was! 

So these will definitely be some of the lip lacquers that I will be reaching for over the Spring time to create an effortless bold lip. I highly recommend these lip products as I find these work really well and that Soap & Glory offer some lovely shades that are perfect for every season. 

What is your go to lip product for Spring?
Have you tried the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquer range?
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