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Friday 10 January 2014

My Reflection On 2013

My Reflection On 2013 Belle-amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog

Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a lovely Friday evening and looking forward to your weekend. I'm really excited for my weekend, tomorrow me and my family are going to my local RSPCA centre as we've seen a gorgeous German Shepherd cross dog on their website! We're thinking of getting a little brother for our dog Paddy and we think this one is perfect! Today I thought I would do a post where I talk about how I think my 2013 has gone. I think it's always good to reflect and learn from past experience as they do really help you discover what you want to do next in order to progress your self. For me, I feel that at the age of 19 (soon to be 20 this year) this is the time of my life where I really need to gain some independence and finally sort out my path in life. Pretty deep, yes, but I personally feel that this year will be very different to any other year that I will have faced. I'm going to warn you now and say this could be a long post, so go grab a cuppa and a biscuit before reading!

| Independence |
Firstly, in 2013 I started my final year in my beauty course at college. Whilst many of my friends are enjoying life at university, I am now coming to the end of my education. For me this feels like I'm coming to the end of an era where I won't have something to "fall back on to". Education is such a great thing; it gives you a set routine for at least 14 years of your life. You have teachers and people that are always there to help and give advice. You have that sense of security of "if you do something wrong today, there's always the chance of fixing it tomorrow". I'm slightly dreading leaving my college this year as I've always loved that security you get from your education, plus it's a good chance to see your friends! Knowing that I will be finishing my course this year is driving me to becoming a much more independent and confident person.

So from this, I'm setting my self new goals that will help me become the person that I want to be. One of the first ones is to hopefully set up my own mobile beauty business in which I can use all of the new skills I've learnt in my course. I feel that having my own little business will give me so much more independence as all of the decisions and work will be down to me. It will also be really rewarding if I can reach this goal in 2014 as I will be going into a field of work that I have a lot of passion for and I know that I will enjoy it!

Along side this to help boost my independence even more, I'm also planning to start my driving lessons and also (fingers crossed) get my driving license this year. I have been putting this off for way too long, mainly due to this horrible anxiety about actually getting into a car and controlling it. I know that it may seem so silly to some people but the idea of driving terrifies me! This is definitely something I'm going to have to work on this year and I know that once I have achieved this, I will feel so good about myself! Plus passing my driving test will go hand-in-hand with starting my mobile beauty business, so this is definitely something I need to do!

| Confidence |
Towards the end of 2013, after lots of hunting around, I finally found the perfect job for me. When I got this job it gave me such a confidence boost as it proved to myself that I can achieve something when I put my mind to it. Over the past few months that confidence has grown and not only does it apply for when I'm at work, it's also spread into other areas of my life. Simple things such as speaking up in class or talking to new people were hard for me as I'm naturally a shy person. Being shy is not a fun trait to have as many other people just assume you're being rude or just don't want to bother, but it's actually the complete opposite. No matter how hard you try, you can't pluck up the confidence to do what you want to do, even if it is just answering a silly question in front of your class mates.

However, in 2013 I managed to find this confidence boost and this is something I'm really going to treasure from getting my job. Over 2014 I'm hoping that this confidence will grow and that it will allow me to do these difficult tasks that I want to set myself this year. I'm really hoping that this new confidence will help me find the courage to start driving and even push me into starting my little business.

| Blogging |
Of course, as this is my blog I thought I should talk about how blogging has affected my life over 2013. Tomorrow it will have been 19 months from when I made my corner of the internet and I for one am really proud of how it's turned out. 2013 was a big year for my blog as it was the time when it most developed. My writing skill became a lot more confident and I feel that my creativity with photography has also improved. I was also able to work with lots of brands and have exciting opportunities with them which is something I'm really grateful for experiencing. Plus over the past year so many of you have joined me on my little journey and read my posts as I've gone along, so thank you for that!

For 2014, my main focus is actually starting to meet as many of you lovely bloggers as I can! As many meets ups and events are usually in London, this will mean being confident enough to travel on my own - something that's quite a big deal for me! I also want to improve my blog as a whole. Blogging is such an enjoyable hobby and I'm really looking forward to investing more time and effort into Belle-amie!

I'm sorry that this has turned into such a long post and I applaud you if you made it to the end! Thank you so much for reading today's post. I would love to hear what changes you want to make for 2014, anything from resolutions to life changing experiences you want to act on to make 2014 a really good year. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or tweet me @beautybelleamie.

What have you learnt from 2013?
How are you going to make 2014 a better year?
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  1. Aw I'm so happy to hear that you feel as if you've gained a lot of confidence through your job! Unfortunately I'd have to say that If anything I've lost a bit of confidence thanks to mine. I also wish you every success in setting up your own mobile beauty business, if you're highly motivated and extremely determined I don't see why things couldn't go swimmingly well for you! Oh and good luck with your German Shepherd friend, I'm sure you'll love him/her! I always find dogs to be great for cuddling when you're feeling down.
    I would answer your final two questions here but I've just posted a review of my 2013 over at my blog alongside some aims for the coming year if you fancy a read? A wonderful post :)
    Hazzie xx

  2. This is such a lovely post! Good luck with your own beauty business :)
    My goals are to stick at my blog and try to produce great quality posts at least 4/5 times a week, to drink more water (as always, every year this is my resolution!) and to write something down every day that has made me smile. So far, I'm not doing too badly!

  3. Awesome achievements.. Congratssss additionally, I am so excited to see some photos of the dog :)

  4. Loved reading this post ^_^
    Well done for achieving so much in 2013! With that fab year behind you I have no doubt that you will go on to achieving even more in 2014, and the mobile beauty business sounds so so exciting! I also really want to pass my driving test this year and it would make commuting to university a heck of a lot easier!
    I've written some 'goals' up for myself which will hopefully be more motivating than resolutions:)
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe

  5. I hope you do come to an event in London just so I can say hello to you,
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  6. I hope to learn how to drive this year as well! A couple of my resolutions are to stay more organized and to procrastinate less :)


  7. Good luck with learning to drive Amie :) It is quite scary at first but honestly I think once you have had your first lesson you will feel a lot better about it. They don't expect you to get behind the wheel straight away (at least mine didn't), it's a gradual process.
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  8. I know what you mean about wondering what will happen after college is over but usually it just slips into place and college will always help you with the next step of your life whether that be further education or a job. All the best for 2014 Amie.

    Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

  9. I completely relate about the being shy trait haha but it gets better with time :)! I just graduated University in August and I know what you mean - it's always there to kinda, keep you on track and you always know (more or less) what you're doing everyday or at least where you'll be! It's a great idea to start working on your independence before you grad :) it'll definitely pay off once graduation comes! Good luck in 2014 & I hope it's another awesome year!


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