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Tuesday 15 March 2016

Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit

Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit Medium Dark Review Belle Amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog
Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit in Medium Dark | £2.50 | LINK

Eek - it's been a while guys! I can't believe it was just over 5 months ago that I published my last blog post and since then we've had Christmas, the New Year and now we're approaching Easter. So I must say sorry for my long absence from my blog (yet again) but also a big hello and a massive thank you to anyone that's still around!

During my long break from my blog I haven't actually been trying many new products. That's probably a reason why I haven't had much motivation to blog as I feel like I'm just talking about the same old stuff over and over again. But something hit me the other day and I just felt like going on a little makeup shopping spree and seeing what products were on the high street for me to try out. With the added bonus of a little time off work, I just felt like taking some photographs and sharing my thoughts on some products with you guys - so here I am!

Despite being a huge lover of high street makeup, I've never actually got around to trying anything from the much loved brand Makeup Revolution - I know, I know, it's crazy! However I was having a little wander round Superdrug when their Focus & Fix Eyebrow Kit caught my eye. As I was running out of my much loved Archery pencil from Soap & Glory I thought I'd give it a try as the £2.50 price tag made it sound too good to leave behind. I picked up the shade Medium Dark as I do have dark brunette hair, but within this palette you do get 3 different shades to choose from, so it would definitely suit a range of skin and hair colours.

Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit Medium Dark Packaging Brush Tweezers Review Belle Amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog
Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit Medium Dark Up Close Review Belle Amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog

In this little eyebrow palette there are 3 good size powders to either choose from or mix together to create the perfect brow colour. The top left shade is the lightest of the bunch and I would say should suit a lighter brunette maybe verging on darker blondes. The top right shade is the one I've been using and is a mid-tone brown that I find suits my brows perfectly. The bottom left shade is the darkest and would be great for those with very dark hair. I've really enjoyed using these powders as the pigmentation is strong but not overpowering enough to give you bold brows in one sweep. It's very buildable and can easily give you a natural look with a small amount or can be built up to create a stronger looking brow.

The Focus & Fix kit also comes with a clear wax that is used to set and smooth out your brows after the powder has been applied, or used on its own for a more natural effect. This wax is good however doesn't last amazingly well throughout the day. I found it kept my brows in place for 2-3 hours but after that the effect had worn off and I did have a few stray hairs sticking up in places I didn't want them to!

Also with this kit you do get a mini angled brush which you can use to apply the powder or wax, plus a pair of tiny tweezers for on the go plucking. I haven't actually used this brush yet but that's because I have a full sized angled brush from Bloom Cosmetics that I always use for applying powder to my brows. However I would happily use this little one if I were to forget the brush or wanted to top up on the go. The little tweezers also aren't too bad considering the price of the whole kit. Obviously I wouldn't use them on a daily basis but they would be great for traveling when you need to sort out those few stray hairs.

Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit Medium Dark Swatches Review Belle Amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog
Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit Medium Dark Review Makeup Swatch On Face Brows Belle Amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog
Swatched in order of palette: top left, top right & bottom left | Above I have used top right powder & clear wax

I have been really impressed with this eyebrow kit and it will definitely be making its way into my everyday makeup bag! The powder product itself lasts really well during the day and I never feel the need to touch it up. The only thing I'm not overly keen on is the clear wax that comes with it, however I will just swap this with my much loved Maybelline brow gel as that's great at keeping my brows in place all day.

I do like to change my brow products up, from pencils to powders or just brow gels, but there's always something about powders that keeps me coming back to them. I like the natural finish that they give and that the product in general usually lasts me much longer than any pencil would.

Let me know if you've used this product before and how you've got on with it! If you haven't what is your favourite brow product to use? I'm always on the hunt to try out something new! Thanks for reading guys and I will hopefully talk to you all again soon!

Have you tried the Focus & Fix brow kit from Makeup Revolution?
What's your favourite product from the Makeup Revolution range?


  1. ive never used this before but it sounds great! i just picked up the brow's that! brow kit from seventeen and love it!

    1. Yeah I'm very impressed with this kit, definitely makes me want to try more of their products :) I haven't tried that one before but I've been hearing some great things about Seventeen recently! Xx

  2. your eyebrows look great! I saw this kit at Ulta the other day but haven't read any reviews so I didnt pick it up. THank you for the review now I have to check it out.

    Annie | DrugstoreDreamer

    1. Thanks lovely :) glad you liked the review! Definitely give it a try, it's such a bargain xx

  3. Lovely in depth review:) this product reminds me a lot of Benefit Brow Zings which is around the £25 mark so this looks like a great alternative for those on a budget!:) thanks so much for sharing xxx

    1. Thank you :) I haven't actually tried that product but it's great when cheaper brands bring out amazing dupes xx

  4. Makeup Revolution actually do a pencil/felt tip thingy very similar to the brow archery by soap and glory I spied it the other day but never picked it up as I'm getting into brow powders like these ones!

    1. Ooh thanks for the heads up! I'm really enjoying powders too at the moment but I'll definitely take a look :) xx

  5. Thanks for share the Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit with us.

  6. Wow I love these shades. I never use eyebrow shades but Now I want to try as you looks so pretty. I always just use Eyebrow comb only now I will add this in my makeup routine.


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