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Thursday 12 July 2012

Review | Urban Decay Naked Palette

I am sure you have all seen the Urban Decay Naked Palette before and heard all the wonderful stuff about it, but I thought I would make a post about my opinions on this product! This is the original Naked palette by Urban Decay, I am yet to try out the Naked Palette 2 so this isn't a comparison post! Just a warning, there are quite a few pictures but that is so you can take a proper look at the palette.

RRP: £36

Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep and Gunmetal

Swatched in order of palette
So in this palette you get: 12 full sized neutral shadows, a flat eye shadow brush and a mini urban decay primer potion. This palette retails for £36 from department stores such as House of Fraser and Debenhams. I actually bought this palette duty free last year for around £26/ £28, so if you're going on holiday keep an eye out!

The packaging makes the palette feel very luxurious as it is made from a velour material. However my only issue with this is that fluff and makeup can easily get stuck onto the palette and make it seem messy. It also comes with a little mirror, which in my opinion is a tad bit small but I never really use it unless I am mirror-less.

The first 6 colours (Virgin to Half Baked) are great as lid and highlight colours. As you can see Virgin barely shows up on my arm but is really nice placed into your inner corner of your eye and on your brow bone. If you are going for a subtle look the colour Naked and Buck can also be used as a crease colours as they are good mid-tone browns. I prefer Naked to Buck as I find Buck a bit too dark for my eyes. The one shadow I have a love-hate relationship with is Sidecar, the colour is absolutely gorgeous and I wear it nearly every time I use this palette, but the fall out of glitter is so bad! Sometimes I find myself redoing my face makeup!

From Smog to Gunmetal these are great crease and outter corner colours. They are much darker and very pigmented. I don't tend to use these colours too much, mainly Smog and Toasted for a crease colour or Darkhorse as a shadow liner. I haven't used Creep or Gunmetal as much as I would like as I find these colours over power my eyes. If you are good at creating a smoky eye then these colours are great! But for me, I still need practise.

All of the shadows are well pigmented, soft and are easy to blend into one another. This palette is great at creating day and night time looks so if you were going on holiday you would only need to take this as it create endless amounts of eye looks!

I feel that this palette also offers a lot of warm toned eye shadows meaning there's more gold than silver shimmer to them. This is great for people with brown eyes as gold eye products really suit them. But then again, I think any eye colour would work with this palette as it is so neutral.

As for the brush, I love it! It's one of my staple flat shader eye shadow brushes and use it almost every day. It's great quality with a sturdy handle and soft brush hairs.

The Primer Potion that come free with the palette as well is a great primer and helps the shadows stay on all day. Unfortunately all the purple on my bottle has come off and looks quite ugly so I didn't photograph it. But I can tell you it's 3.7 ml or 0.13 US fl oz.

So overall I absolutely love this palette and is a staple product in my everyday makeup routine! I would totally recommend this to anyone. If you are looking for cheaper alternatives, M.U.A's Heaven and Earth or Undressed palette, which retail at just £4, are great dupes!

Which palette do you prefer, Naked original or Naked 2?



  1. great review && gorgeous swatches !

  2. I LOVE the Naked palette! I believe every girl should own one ;) Great review xx

  3. I really want one of the Naked palettes but they're just out of my price range for eye colour :/
    Though I notice that Naked 2 is going to be on Buyapowa soon so I will be checking out how low the price gets :)


    1. Yes, well like I said the M.U.A heaven and earth palette is a great alternative so if you can get your hands on that definitely try it out :) Oh thanks for the heads up! Will be checking it out when it comes up on the website! xx

  4. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! :)
    The pictures are fab!
    I really want a Naked palette but it's too pricey for me!

    Natasha Carly x

    1. You're welcome :) It is a shame about the price but I use it so much I think it's worth it :) xx

  5. I really want this! great review :)

  6. omg this palette looks SO good. just the right colours that you really need for everyday or evening looks xoxo
    would you like to follow each other?

    1. Definitely a perfect palette :) Of course! xx

  7. i want this naked palette, too.


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