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Friday 20 July 2012

Revlon Nail Polish Collection

Here is another nail polish collection by Revlon that I wanted to share with you! Again, I don't have a lot of Revlon nail polishes because I usually buy them from Poundland and I haven't been there enough to build up a proper collection. Also they do not always have a great colour selection and I do only buy colours that I think I will wear like pinks and coral. If you want to see past nail polish collections by Barry M click HERE and Rimmel London click HERE!

099 Effervescent Opal

229 Demure

914 Tropical Temptation

570 Vixen

762 Plum Attraction

038 Ruby Ribbon


As you can see I really love plum and wine coloured nail polish, especially for Winter! The colour Demure didn't look massively appealing in the bottle but I thought I may as well try it out and I'm glad I did. It's a very pretty orange toned pink that I thought wouldn't suit my nails, but it does! All of Revlon's nail polishes are a great consistency and you can get a great opaque nail look with 2-3 coats.



  1. ooooh i like all the colours youve got, especially demure and tropical temptation (what cute names!) - they look perfect for summer! need to head to poundland to see if i can find them!
    love these posts :)
    nicola xxx

    1. Thank you :)! I love them ones too. Wearing coral this Summer looks so pretty so yes they are perfect for Summer :) xxx

  2. There's a website Cheap Smells that also sells Revlon nail polishes quite cheap - Not quite as cheap as you'd get in Poundland but still cheaper than buying in Boots / Superdrug.

    1. I've heard of that site before but never been on it, so thanks for the suggestion :)! xx

    2. I know it sounds kinda dodgy, "Cheap Smells" isn't exactly a great name but I've ordered from there before and it's been fine! x

  3. ooo i like the look of star and tropical temptation x

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  5. I've never tried any Revlon colours, but these all look super pretty :) xx

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