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Friday 29 April 2016

Spring Hair Care

Spring Hair Care Routine Shampoo Conditioner Mask Super Drug Toni And Guy Review Belle-Amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog

I love swapping up my hair care quite a lot and I'm always looking to try out new products. As my hair is pretty dry, fine and naturally curly I usually go for products that really hydrate it and make it feel soft and healthy again. Typically in the Spring, people tend to go for hair care that's lightweight and helps control oils to leave your hair feeling fresh, but as my hair is quite dry all year long I still stick to my super hydrating products. So with some new additions to my hair care routine I thought I would share with you what new products I have been loving recently! 

Spring Hair Care Routine Shampoo Conditioner Mask Super Drug Coconut Sweet Almond Toni And Guy Review Belle-Amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog

Superdrug Coconut & Sweet Almond Shampoo and Conditioner | £2.29 each | LINK
My shampoo and conditioner is one factor of my hair care routine that I like to swap up quite often. I feel that my hair gets used to them quickly so I always have a few different ones on the go that I can swap and change when needed. One range that I've been really enjoying recently is actually a Superdrug own line - the Coconut & Sweet Almond Shampoo and Conditioner designed for dry/ damaged hair. At £2.29 a pop (and sometimes just over £1 when it's on offer!) this bargain shampoo set is easy on the purse and works wonders with my hair!

I love coconut scents so this range is right up my street and with the added benefits of the coconut oil and almond extract this duo leaves my hair feeling really soft, shiny and smelling lovely! It's really gentle and doesn't feel like it's weighing your hair down, yet it still offers a lot of hydration and nourishment to your hair. I'm a big fan of Superdrug own products (I use quite a few products from their Vitamin E skincare range) and I love that they're cruelty free, suitable for vegans and amazing quality! I've almost gotten through a whole bottle of the shampoo and I'm halfway through the conditioner but I've already got my back ups of this product - a real winner with me!

Spring Hair Care Routine Shampoo Conditioner Mask Super Drug Toni And Guy Reconstruction Mask Leave In Conditioner Review Belle-Amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog

Toni & Guy Reconstruction Mask | £6.39 | LINK
As my hair is really dry, I've recently starting using the Toni & Guy Reconstruction Mask as a deep conditioner in the shower. Even though it's designed as a mask and should probably be used once a week, I like to use this along side the Coconut & Sweet Almond Conditioner as a really deep conditioning treatment every time I wash my hair. I probably keep this on for just a minute or so but it always leaves my hair feeling so soft, sleek and helps tame frizziness - the bane of curly hair!

I've become a big fan of Toni & Guy products over the past few months and this had definitely been a stand out product for me. I feel like it's made the lengths of my hair much stronger and I can tell my hair has grown a lot since using it! This also has a really nice scent that lingers on your hair long after you've washed it out. Definitely give this a try if you're after a new hair mask or deep conditioning treatment!

Toni & Guy Leave In Conditioner | £5.19 | LINK
I think I may have mentioned this product on my blog before, but never gone into much depth about it. This is another conditioning treatment from Toni & Guy but one that you apply to wet hair and just leave in. I suffer with pesky baby hairs that never seem to go away so I like to use this product to banish any remaining frizziness and help smooth out those little hairs. Even though I use so many conditioning products on my hair, I always notice a difference if I don't apply this one in particular. It just adds that extra softness and sleekness that my hair really craves. This little tube has lasted me a very long time as well so I think it's great value for money and one that I'll keep on purchasing!

So these are a few hair care products that I've been really enjoying recently. I would love to hear what your favourite products are for perfect Spring time hair - like I said, I'm always trying new ones out! I hope you enjoyed today's post and that you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend!

What products do you use for your hair in Spring?


  1. I need hydrating products for my hair all year long as well! Especially at the ends. I am all for leave in conditioners. I don't believe I've seen this brand anywhere in the US. The smell must be so nice though, and definitely summery!

  2. My hair is so dry and brittle these days and I feel that it needs a bit of TLC. Recently I have been loving the Herbal essences Honey range that leaves my hair feeling so well nourished. Also for hair mask I have been using the Kerestase Masquintense which works so well! I think I want to try out more inexpensive products by Superdrug brand as they seem to work so well just like the branded one!

    Great post, Have a lovely day! ♥

    Ying | * Y i n g c b e a u t y *

    X x X x X

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