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Tuesday 26 November 2013

Glamour Magazine Freebies | Nails Inc "Uptown Girl"

Glamour Magazine November 2013 Freebie Nails Inc Kate Spade Uptown Glamour Belle-amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestle Blog
Glamour Magazine November 2013 Freebie Nails Inc Kate Spade Uptown Glamour Swatches Belle-amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestle Blog

Hey everyone! Today's post is just a little mention about a really lovely freebie you can get with your Glamour magazine here in the UK. I know I'm a bit late for mentioning any magazine freebies this month but I thought I would actually try the product first and then give you a better review of it! In this month's Glamour magazine there is a choice of 4 Kate Spade Nails inc nail polishes to collect. You can choose between: Uptown Glamour (a metallic gold), Soho Silver (a metallic silver), Big Red Apple (a glossy bright red) and New York Noir (a glossy jet black).

The polish that I chose was "Uptown Glamour" which is a gorgeous metallic gold shade that looks amazing at this time of the year. I do have a lot of gold nail polishes but not very many with this kind of finish - plus I do love a good Nails inc polish so it would have been rude not to pick one up! I've worn this on my nails a couple times over the past few weeks and I have to say I am really impressed with its formula! As always this Nails inc polish applies very opaque and shiny so you could easily get away with wearing just 1 coat. With just 2 coats you have beautiful looking nails that can either be worn during the day or, if you add a glitter top coat for example, can be worn on a night out! As for how long it lasts, with a top coat I found it lasted a good few days on my nails before it started to chip. This is a great all round polish that's perfect for the Christmas season!

For £2 this really is a brilliant freebie to pick up, especially as it's a full size nail polish worth £11! Plus, if you are on a tight budget for Christmas this year, buying all 4 of the shades would make a lovely present for someone who's obsessed with nail polishes!

Have you picked up any of the Nails inc polishes that are free with Glamour magazine?
What other freebies have you spotted this month?
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  1. What a lovely shade and it looks so much different between having the 1 and 2 coats x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. I picked up the gold one too, it's so nice :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  3. I've been loving this shade ever since i got this from the magazine. Perfect colour for the festive season :) I really want the red version too if i come across the magazine again~

    Thanks for the lovely pictures! Have a great day <3

    *- YingcBeauty-*
    X x X x X

  4. I got this shade - it's so so nice :)
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  5. I've got this one too and I love it, It look so pretty on the nails :)


  6. This is such a pretty shade :) I really wanted this colour, but they didn't sell it near me so I ended up with the black shade instead.

    samantha xx

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