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Thursday 28 June 2012

My Favourite Perfumes

I'm someone who thinks that you should have one staple perfume in your collection that you wear on a regular basis so that can become one of your personal scents. Obviously on certain occasions I like to switch my perfumes up such as a deeper scent for night time or just a fresh body spray for lounging at home. These are a few of my perfumes that I use on a regular basis. Unfortunately two are on their last legs so I need to restock on these soon!

Left to right: Lolita Lempicka - Si Lolita, Hugo Boss - Orange, The Body Shop - Love ETC.. and Dior - Pure Poison
Lolita Lempicka - Si Lolita Eau de Parfum 30ml: this is my perfume that I call my 'staple scent'. I wear if I am going out during the day for shopping or lunch for example. It has a spicy/ oriental scent with the notes of pink peppercorn and sweet pea. It's also quite fresh smelling with mandarin and bergamot notes. The smell lasts a long time but I usually do a touch up during the day because I love the scent so much. I'm sure you can agree the bottle is gorgeous. The liquid gives it a pink tint and it has golden outlining on the bottle. The ring about the nozzle flips down so doesn't come with a lid, but I think it gives it an elegant look. I've seen this product in normal perfume shops/ department stores retailing for about £30 to £40 for the 30ml, but if you buy it from Asda, you can get it for £20! I was actually lucky enough for it to go half price at Christmas, so got it at a bargain of £10!

Hugo Boss - Orange For Women Eau de Toilette 50ml: my boyfriend got me this as a birthday present one year and I must say, did a pretty good job! This used to be the perfume I wore every day, but not it's down to its last few drops I switched to my Si Lolita perfume. Orange it a very warm fruity scent which has notes of: apple, orange blossom, white florals, vanilla and sandalwood. It's suitable for day time but I don't think is strong enough to be classed as a night time scent as it's too crisp and fresh. But of course you could wear it anytime you want! This perfume retails for around £38 depending which store you buy it from. If you want to read more into this perfume click HERE for the Hugo Boss website.

The Body Shop - Love ETC.. Eau de Parfum 30ml: again another great day time scent that I personally think can be carried off into a night time scent as well. It has notes of jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood so makes it quite floral but with a warming side. It's not very fresh and crisp floral scent which is why I think can be a nice evening scent. I also think it smells a little like those Black Jack sweets haha, so it quite sweet smelling. The scent also lasts a long time and I also carry around the handy little Love ETC.. solid perfume when I wear this scent for touch ups throughout the day. This perfume can be bought from The Body Shop for £14 for the 30ml.

Dior - Pure Poison Eau de Parfum 30ml: this is a scent that I would wear more at night because it's much stronger than the other scents above. Because of this it's very long lasting and you only need to spray a small amount. It's a floral and fruity scent with notes of: jasmine, orange blossom, amber and sandalwood. I also think it is a little musky so again is appropriate for evening wear. As you can see I am more attracted to perfumes with fruity or floraly notes as I find them much more youthful. If you're interested in this fragrance, click HERE to read more on the House of Fraser website where it retails for £46 for the 30ml.

What are your favourite perfumes?



  1. I lurrrrve Love Etc by the body shop, but not many other people seem to have smelt it! glad it has appeared in someone elses favourites! ;) xxx

    1. yeah I haven't seem too many reviews on it but it is a ncie perfume xx

  2. I really like love etc too! Body shop scents are great, and good prices too!
    Lovely post!


  3. I really want to try products from the body shop! I've heard great things!

    Please check out my new blog:

    1. Body Shop products are so good! Definitely try some things out :) will do! xx


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