Thursday, 30 May 2013

Haul | A Day Of Bargains

Beauty Fashion Bargain Haul Topshop Dainty Doll St Tropez Batiste Real Techniques Belle-amie
Beauty Fashion Haul Topshop Black Suede Leather Gold Stud Purse Belle-amie
Beauty Fashion Haul Batiste Wild Party Trio Dry Shampoo Belle-amie
Beauty Fashion Haul Real Techniques Blush Brush Belle-amie
Beauty Fashion Haul Real Techniques Blush Brush Close Up Belle-amie
Beauty Fashion Haul St Tropez Naturals Self Tan Lotion Belle-amie
Beauty Fashion Haul Dainty Doll Powder Blusher in My Girl Belle-amie

Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a lovely week! I have to say I'm really disappointed with the weather recently, I can't believe it's almost June and it's constantly raining - bring on my holiday that's all I can say! Last weekend I did a little bit of shopping and I was so surprised with the bargains I found that I had to show you all with a haul post. My Fragrance Direct order also came through the day before so I thought I would pop that in this post too! Everything I've bought in this post was reduced, so I will include original prices as well as how much I bought it for.

Topshop Black Suede & Leather Studded Purse [£22 reduced to £10]
I remember spotting this purse ages ago in Topshop and thinking it would be perfect for a night out or to simply pop in my handbag, however at £22 it was way out of my budget for a purse. Luckily, I found it again in a different store and couldn't believe that it was reduced to just £10! The quality is amazing, I absolutely love the gold stud detailing and the suede/ leather is extremely soft. It has lots room for cards and change which is great as my current purse is a coin purse and is quite a pain for storing cards neatly. It's such a simple yet edgy piece and I know I'm going to get a lot of use out of it!

Batiste Dry Shampoo Wild Party Trio [£4.99 reduced to £1.50]
 I've wanted to pick up some smaller cans of Batiste to keep in my handbag and to take on holiday, but I couldn't justify spending £1.50 on a tiny can when I could buy a huge one for just a pound more! I found this trio pack in the Boots clearance section and thought it was perfect as it comes with a little travel bag as well as 3 cans of dry shampoo. I haven't tried these Batiste scents yet, but I'm sure they'll do a fine job of keeping my hair looking and feeling fresh!

Real Techniques Blush Brush [£9.99 reduced to £2.50] LINK
 This was probably my absolute bargain of the day! I was thinking of picking up some more Real Techniques brushes as they are amazing quality and my favourite brand for applying makeup. I decided to go for the Blush Brush which retails at £9.99 as I thought it would be perfect for applying and blending out my powder blushers. But when I was looking through the Boots clearance section (this section is an amazing place for bargains!) I just happened to find another one but for an amazing price of just £2.50 - it had to be fate haha! I also bought this brush and the dry shampoos with my Boots points, so they were both technically free as well!

St Tropez Naturals Self Tan Body Lotion [£26 reduced to £7.80] LINK
 I've never tried St Tropez fake tan before but I have seen and heard so many great things about it! I spotted this Self Tan Lotion in the Debenhams sale and decided to try it out. This gradual self tan is from the Naturals range so is meant to be suitable for sensitive skin as it contains natural ingredients, which is perfect for me. I'm yet to try this fake tan, but if you would like to see a review then please do leave a comment below!

St Tropez Natural Radiance Self Tan For Face [£21 reduced to £6.30] LINK
Again from the same range, I picked up a St Tropez self tan for the face. I've always been pretty nervous about using fake tan that's designed for the body on my face, so this was exactly what I needed to try! As it's suitable for sensitive skin I'm hoping that it won't break me out or make me look orange, so I'm very excited to give this a try!

Dainty Doll Powder Blusher in "My Girl" [£13.50 reduced to £1.99] LINK
The final product I bought was another Dainty Doll blusher from Fragrance Direct. This is "My Girl" which is a pink blush with a little bit of shimmer. I've been meaning to pick up some more of these blushers before they go out of stock as the quality and pigmentation is amazing! This blush leaves a soft pink glow to my cheeks and will be perfect for every day wear in the Summer.

So that's my haul, I've done way too much shopping recently so I may have to go a few weeks without buying anything haha! But, I know I've picked up some really good pieces and I'm happy with everything I've bought. I hope you enjoyed this post, I do love reading about what bargains people have found recently so I hope this was useful to you too!

Have you found any beauty or fashion bargains recently?

Monday, 27 May 2013

Review | Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid

Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid Review Belle-amie Beauty Blog
Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid What Products It Comes With Review Belle-amie
Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid Bottle Review Belle-amie
Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid Bottle And Directions Review Belle-amie
Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid Bottle Spray Nozzle Review Belle-amie
Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid Directions And Tips Review Belle-amie
Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid First Application Results Belle-amie Review
Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid First And Second Application Results Belle-amie Review
Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Third Application Results Review Belle-amie
Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid Review Overall Results Belle-amie

Hello everyone I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Now that it's coming up to Summer time I love having glowing and tanned skin, but living in England means the Sun is pretty hard to come by! I usually resort to fake tan but I've never found a product that delivers a completely streak free and even finish. I was recently asked by TanLand whether I would like to try the Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid and I have to say, I was very excited to test it out. I've heard so many great things about Fake Bake and seen brilliant results with girls coming out with golden and glowing skin after using it! Now, I am a very paled skinned girl, so I much prefer fake tans that give a natural looking glow to my skin rather than going a deep tan colour; I just don't think it suits me! So I was very interested to see how well this worked with my skin tone.

| About Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid |
Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan is a weekly tanning solution that delivers a streak free, flawless looking tan that's meant to suit all skin tones and types. Fake Bake's "show ehere it goes" guide colour means that the product is a very dark brown shade - almost scary looking against my pale skin! However, once it's buffed into your skin it turns into a golden colour which is your guideline to show where you have applied the fake tan. I love the idea of a tan actually showing you where you've applied as it allows you to see the areas you've missed and helps give you a more even finish. As with most high end fake tans Fake bake's formula of active ingredients are blended to minimise the chances of an orange looking tan and instead give a sun kissed glow to your skin. One final thing about the Fake Bake tan is that instead of smelling like standard fake tan, it's actually scented with black coconut which makes it smell amazing! It seriously reminds me of sitting on the beach sipping Pina Coladas and I absolutely love it! However, I'm pretty sure this scent won't be to everyone's taste as it can be a bit strong, but I personally think it smells 100 times better than normal fake tan.

| What products come with Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid? |
As you can see, the Flawless Self Tan Liquid actually comes as a mini kit and has a mitt and gloves included. I think this is very helpful, especially if you haven't got either of these to hand. The mitt is very soft and buffs out the fake tan beautifully. The gloves are pretty standard and are there just to stop the fake tan seeping through the mitt and staining your palms. The actual bottle of tan is very nice and I've had no problems in terms with it leaking! It's a small bottle which makes it easy to hold whilst you are applying the tan, something that I think is important. The spray nozzle comes separately from the actual bottle, I think this is just so it can't leak if you're travelling with it. I was a little bit worried about using a spray bottle as I've only used aerosols before and I thought that it may make my tan come out a bit patchy! However I found it just as easy to apply with, the tan sprayed out as an even mist and then blended out just as well as other instant tans I've used before. Finally you also get a small instructions sheet that gives you direction and tips about how to apply the tan. It's straight to the point, easy to read and I found it very helpful for applying the tan!

| How I applied Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid |
1. To prep my skin for the fake tan, I exfoliated with Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush Scrub in the shower. Once out the shower, I went over any drier areas with an exfoliating mitt and I then applied Soap & Glory's Smoothie Star body lotion. Exfoliating and moisturising before fake tanning is essential if you want to achieve an even and natural looking tan as it will remove any dead and dry skin.

2. I left my body lotion to sink in for about an hour and then started to apply the Fake Bake tan. Starting with my arms I applied 4 - 6 pumps of tan on to the mitt and then started to buff into my skin. I then repeated this until I was happy with the guideline colour. I found applying tan this way creates a more natural looking glow instead of instantly going a golden brown colour. For my legs, I applied around 6 - 8 pumps to the mitt and repeated the same process. Finally for my face, I simply wiped the tanning mitt across my face just for a gentle hint of colour. To tan my whole body it only took around 20 minutes, so was very quick and easy to do. Once I had buffed the tan into my skin, I found that it dried quickly and left my skin feeling very soft. Even though this fake tan only takes 4 - 6 hours to develop, I left it on over night to ensure it was fully developed.
I repeated this process for the second application.

3. For the third application, I wanted to see how this tan worked if I sprayed it directly on to my skin and then buffed it in. I found this way I needed the same amount of product yet it was much more effective at making my skin darker. It was just as easy to blend into my skin and it didn't leave me looking patchy or uneven. Again, I left it to develop over night and in the morning I was left with evenly tanned and glowing skin.

| Overall thoughts on Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid |
As you can see from the photos my skin looks a lot more tanned and glowing, especially on my arms (they always seem to take to fake tan better than my legs). The finish was also very even and natural looking so definitely lives up to it's "flawless looking" claims! I'm very happy with the results from this fake tan and think the colour I achieved from the 3 applications is great. After the third application, I left my tan to see how well it faded over the week. After a few days I definitely noticed that the tan was fading but wasn't as patchy as I expected, just a couple darker spots near my wrists! Other tans I've tried before have left huge patches on my forearms, so this is one of the best that I've tried.
The only issue I had with this tan is that when I applied it in the evening, I found that it transferred on my my bed sheets and clothes, even after waiting a good hour for it to dry! I think I will have to stick to using this during the day rather than just before bed, which is a shame as I like how easy it is to apply at night and simply wash off in the morning.

Overall Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid is a really nice product and I can see it working for any skin tone as you can control the amount of tan you apply. It is definitely one of the best fake tans I've used and I think it just beats my St Moriz tan as the finish is a lot more even and flawless looking!

You can buy Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid from for just £19.95 with free UK delivery!

Have you tried Fake Bake tan before? What's your favourite fake tan?

Friday, 24 May 2013

Review | Macadamia Natural Oil Leave In Cream & Oil Treatment

Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave In Cream Healing Oil Treatment Review Belle-amie
Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave In Cream healing Oil Treatment Packaging Review Belle-amie
Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave In Cream Healing Oil Treatment Close Up Review Belle-amie

Hello lovelies, I hope you're all well! A couple weeks ago I was contacted by Fragrance Direct and asked whether I would like to choose some products off their site to review on my blog. Now, I'm sure many of you have heard about Fragrance Direct as it is well known by bloggers for having an amazing selection of beauty brands at cheap prices! I was very excited about trying some new products and after a good read through the site, I decided on a couple of products from the Macadamia Natural Oil range; the Nourishing Leave In Cream and Healing Oil Treatment.
Macadamia hair products contain a blend of Argan and Macadamia oils which are brilliant at nourishing dry, damaged and tangled hair. Recently my hair has felt very dry and tangled so I was hoping that these two products would help make it soft and manageable again!

Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave In Cream 300ml* [£11.50] LINK
The first product I tried was the Nourishing Leave In Cream which comes in a huge 300ml bottle with a pump. I absolutely love the packaging and design of the Leave In Cream. The green and brown floral design gives it an earthy, natural feel which made me think this product was going to be really good for my hair. The Leave In Cream is designed to de-tangle, tame and protect your hair from the sun's UV rays as well as adding softness and shine! It is also a texture cream so leaves your hair feeling full and thick as well as soft! After I washed my hair, I towel dried it and then added about half a pump of the cream to the lengths of my hair. As I have very fine hair I didn't need too much product, but the amount you use will depend on your hair's thickness and type. I found that the cream absorbed into my hair quickly and didn't leave it feeling heavy or as if there was loads of product in it, which is great for my fine hair! Once my hair was dry (I leave it to air dry naturally), I found that the Leave In Cream left my hair very curly, full of body and most importantly incredibly soft! The cream also smells amazing and it gave my hair a beautiful scent, just as if I'd had it done at the salon! After using the Leave In Cream every time I washed my hair for the last 2 weeks, I'm in love the results it has given me and now my second day curls don't feel as dry or look as frizzy as they used to be! I would highly recommend this product to anyone with dry, thin and curly hair as it will help nourish and define your locks within just 1 use.
 If you fancy trying the Nourishing Leave In Cream before buying the full size, you can purchase a 60ml version for just £2.99!

Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment 30ml* [£5.99] LINK
The next macadamia product I tried was the Healing Oil Treatment which is perfect for all hair types and can be used on a daily basis. The oil comes in a 30ml glass bottle (it also has the same green and brown design) which has no pump or dispenser, you simply pour the required amount of product out on to your hand. I would have preferred that the oil came with a pump but I haven't had any trouble or made any mess by pouring the oil out. The Healing Oil Treatment claims to nourish, protect the hair from UV rays and again leaves your hair smooth, shiny and manageable. As well as this, the oil is supposed to reduce hair drying time by 40 - 50% which is probably a life-saver for ladies with very thick hair that takes ages to dry! How this works is the oil will absorb into your wet hair which in turn will push the water out of the hair, allowing it to dry quicker. For me, my hair dries very quickly any way as it's so thin, so I didn't see any improvements in my drying time. When I used the oil on wet hair I only needed 1 drop for the lengths of my hair. I found that it absorbed straight away and didn't leave it feeling greasy at all! Once my hair was dry, it was left shiny, soft and smelling amazing - it has the same gorgeous scent as the Leave In Cream! I also found it left the same results when used on dry hair but it also reduced any frizziness and left my curls defined and manageable. I've been using the Healing Oil Treatment everyday for the last 2 weeks and I have to say my hair looks so much healthier and nourished plus my tangles have definitely been reduced. If you've been looking for a new hair oil to try, I would completely recommend you trying the Macadamia one, it's left my hair looking and feeling so much better!
If you fancy trying the Healing Oil Treatment before buying the full size, you can purchase a 10ml version for just £3.75!

So overall I am really impressed with the Macadamia range and I love how the products have left my hair! Also, these 2 products can be used together on wet hair to add extra softness and shine. In the picture above I have used both the Leave In Cream and the Oil Treatment and you can see my hair has been left shiny and defined. I will definitely be trying out some more products by Macadamia, I've especially got my eye on tyring the Deep Repair Masque so fingers crossed it pops up on the Fragrance Direct website soon!

Have you tried the Macadamia Natural Oil range?

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Haul | Makeup & Nail Polish

Haul Makeup Nail Polish Beauty Blog Belle-amie
Haul Makeup Nail Polish Marie Claire InStyle Elle Magazine Freebies Nails Inc Benefit Avon May June 2013 Beauty Blog Belle-amie
Haul makeup Nail Polish Face Products Sleek Topshop Bourjois Makeup Academy Real Techniques Beauty Blog Belle-amie
HauMakeup nail Polish Eyes And Lips Products Milani Topshop Beauty Blog Belle-amie

Hello everyone! If you read my latest post or follow me on Twitter, then you would know that there have been a few bits and pieces of makeup that I have wanted to try out. This is a bit of a collective haul as there are some products that I picked up a couple weeks ago as well as some that I bought last weekend. Some of the main pieces I wanted to try were couple of blushers and the Sleek Face Form Palette, so I'm very happy to have found them and can't wait to try them out!

InStyle - Nails inc Polishes in "It's Red, Babez" and "You're A Peach" [£3.90 each]
Now, if you read my blog on a regular basis then you would know I'm obsessed with Nails inc polishes! I think they're brilliant quality, the colour range is amazing and they're definitely my favourite brand of nail polish! With this month's InStyle magazine, there is a choice of 3 Nails inc freebies. I chose the red and peach shades as I have far too many pinks in my collection to need another one! So far I'm really liking these polishes, especially "You're A Peach" - a definite must have colour for Summer!

Elle - Benefit They're Real! Mascara [£4.00] LINK
I'm pretty sure every blogger and their dog either own this magazine freebie or have at least heard about it. I have tried the They're Real! mascara before and wasn't 100% sure whether I liked it or not. It felt quite dry and uncomfortable on my eyes, but I loved the way it made my lashes look. I thought that for just £4, I may as well give it another try; hopefully it'll work better this time!

Marie Claire - Avon Super Shock Gel Eye Liner in "Black" [£3.90]
Believe it or not, I have never tried a gel eye liner before despite hearing so many good things about them. I spotted this liner in Marie Claire and thought for around £4, it was worth a try. I'm so impressed with this liner! It's incredibly pigmented and black and literally stays on your eyes all day! If you're in need of a new black liner, definitely give this a go!

Sleek Face Form Palette in "Light" [£9.99] LINK
I have been searching for a contouring kit for a while now and had my heart set on trying this little palette. The Face Form Palette comes with a matte bronzer, a shimmery highlighter and a blusher in "Rose Gold". I thought this kit would be perfect for travelling with, especially on holiday, as it's so compact and contains everything you need for contouring. The 3 shades are very pigmented and I cannot wait to try this out! 
Also, a few people said to me that the original Contour Kit is discontinued - it's not! When I asked the lady in Superdrug to help me find this palette in "Fair" I actually saw a load of the Contour Kits in the drawers underneath the stand. I asked why they weren't out and apparently it's because they didn't have enough display space! So if you want to try the Contour Kit (£6.49) and can't find it, just ask someone in Superdrug to have a look for you!

Topshop Cream Blush in "Head Over Heels" [£6.00] LINK
Finally, I have dipped my toes into the world of Topshop blushers and I have to say, I love them! This is a gorgeous bright coral shade and looks beautiful once blended out into the skin. I can see this being perfect for Summer as it gives my cheeks a pretty, natural orange glow. I have now added the shade "Flush" on my to wish list (will this list ever end haha?) which is a very pretty rose pink.

Bourjois Cream Blush in "Healthy Glow" [£7.99] LINK
After reading way too many raving reviews, I finally caved and picked up one of the new cream blushers by Bourjois. At first I thought these were way too small to be worth £7.99 and that I didn't want to waste my money. However, I was able to pick it up for free in the Superdrug 3 for 2 sale so I wasn't too fussed. I haven't tried this blusher yet, but I can't wait to see how it looks on my cheeks! I don't think I'll be picking up any of the other shades as at the moment because I think they're quite over priced, but you never know, I could change my mind!

Makeup Academy Mosaic Bronzer in "Sunkissed Glow" [£2.50] LINK
This is another product that I've read a lot of reviews about and thought I should finally add one to my collection. I don't own many bronzers so I thought this would be a nice one to try out, especially that it has pinks and lighter shades in. "Sunkissed Glow" gives a really healthy glow to my skin and works well as both a bronzer and blusher!

Real Techniques Stippling Brush [£10.99] LINK
Real Techniques brushes are amazing, I already own the Core Collection set and thought I should branch into the other brushes they have to offer. As I've been wearing and buying cream blushers recently, I thought the best option was to go for the Stippling brush. The bristles are very soft and apply my cream blushers like a dream! I'm so glad to finally have this brush in my collection and think it was well worth investing into.

Milani Eye Shadow Quad in "04 Earthly Delights" [£1.00]
 I have never tried the brand Milani before but I've heard some good things from American bloggers. I found this little eye shadow quad in my local Poundland and thought I would give it a go. The shades are all very neutral, earthy colours and I think they all work very well together. The shadows are nicely pigmented so this will be a handy little palette to have in my collection.

Topshop Lips Lipsticks in "Ditsy" and "Crystal" [£8.00 - £9.00 each] LINK | LINK
  My two final products I picked up are my new Topshop lipsticks in "Ditsy" and "Crystal". You may have already seen "Crystal" (right) in my What's inside my beauty bag post, but I thought I would include it in this haul too. This lipstick is a glittery pink shade reacts to the PH of your lips to create a unique shade of pink that suits you. This is a gorgeous lipstick and looks amazing in the tube! "Ditsy" (left) is a lipstick that I haven't seen or heard much about but I decided to give it a go. It's a beautiful hot coral shade that applies so smoothly to the lips. I can't get enough of this lipstick, it's just so lovely to wear! I highly recommend you to pick up both of these shades for this Summer, I think they're going to look amazing!

So this is all the makeup and nail polish that I have bought recently. I hope that you enjoyed this post, sorry that it was super long! As usual, if you have written a haul post recently please do leave the link the comments below, I love reading them!

Have you bought anything the same as me? What are your thoughts on it?

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Review | Seventeen Trio Eye Shadows in Metallic Toffee

Seventeen 17 Trio Eye Shadows in Metallic Toffee Review Belle-amie
Seventeen 17 Trio Eye Shadows in Metallic Toffee Label Review Belle-amie
Seventeen 17 Trio Eye Shadows in Metallic Toffee Shades
Seventeen 17 Trio Eye Shadows in Metallic Toffee Shades Up Review Belle-amie
Seventeen 17 Trio Eye Shadows in metallic Toffee Dark Shade Swatch Review Belle-amie
Seventeen 17Ttrio Eye Shadows in Metallic Toffee Medium Shade Swatch Review Belle-amie

Hello everyone, I hope you're all well and have something exciting planned for the weekend! Today me and my boyfriend are going shopping for our holiday and then treating ourselves to meal out together. I've been really looking forward to this shopping trip because I have a wish list as long as my arm and I can't wait to pick up some new beauty pieces! I especially want to try Sleek's Face Form palette in "Fair", Topshop's cream blush in "Head Over Heels" and the Real Techniques Stippling Brush, all of which I've seen amazing reviews on! Before I start rambling about all the hundreds of pieces of makeup I need in my collection, let's get into today's post!

In one of my recent hauls, I picked up this Seventeen Trio Eye Shadows in "Metallic Toffee". I received a coupon through the post from Boots that allowed me to pick one up for just £1, which is amazing considering it has an original price of £5.49! After a good 10 minutes trying to decide which trio I should go for, I opted for "Metallic Toffee" which is a selection of golden neutral shades. This little trio consists of: a dark brown, a light gold and an off-white, all of which have shimmer in. The Seventeen Trio Eye Shadows are designed so that all the colours work together to give you the perfect eye look and in this case, it's a golden neutral look. Even though I have so many neutral eye shadow shades, I thought this trio would be really handy to pop in my makeup bag and use when I'm away travelling.

I wasn't expecting much in terms of pigmentation and quality as Seventeen hasn't been a brand that's stood out to me in the past. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the eye shadows were very pigmented and applied smoothly to my eye lid. The only shade I'm not too keen on is the gold as I find it quite harsh on the eyes and a bit "cheap" looking. But, the off-white looks beautiful as an inner-corner highlighter and the dark brown works very well as a contouring shade! All of the colours do work well together, but like I said, I'm not a fan of the golden shade so I tend to use a different lid shadow instead. I found that with a primer, these shadows lasted me most of the day and only wore off towards the end. 
As for the packaging, I really like the simplicity and I find it's very sturdy and easy to open - always a plus! As it's compact and small, it's perfect for keeping in your makeup bag for touch ups throughout the day.

Overall, this is a lovely eye shadow trio and think it's one of those staple kind of products that everyone needs in their makeup collection! It's perfect for everyday wear but could be worn during the night if you use more of the dark brown shade. If I was going to buy another trio, I'd love to try "Barely There" which has more champagne/ light pink shades and I think would look very pretty on the eyes!

Have you tried the Seventeen Trio Eye Shadows? What are your thoughts on "Metallic Toffee"?

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Nails Of The Day | Queen Victoria Street

Nails Of The Day Nails Inc Queen Victoria Street Nail Polish Belle-amie
Nails Of The Day Nails Inc Queen Victoria Street Nail Polish Close Up Belle-amie
Nails Of The Day Nails Inc Queen Victoria Street Nail Polish Lable Belle-amie
Nails Of The Day Nails Inc Queen Victoria Street Nail Polish Swatch Belle-amie

Today, I have a new Nails inc. polish to show you which is one of the newest shades available for Summer! This is Queen Victoria Street which is a gorgeous emerald green with a glossy finish (unfortunately I couldn't seem to capture the true colour on my camera, it's a lot more green in real life). As I don't own very many green nail polishes, especially any shades like this, I was very interested to see how well it suited me!

First of all the formula of Queen Victoria Street is amazing; it's thick, creamy and opaque in just 1 coat (out of habit I have applied 2 coats in the picture to achieve a more even finish). I also found it dried very quickly despite being such a thick consistency - exactly what you want in a nail polish! Plus I haven't had any major chipping with this polish yet and has lasted a good few days on my nails; so top marks for the formula! I really wish you could see the true colour of this polish as this bright green shade is absolutely perfect for this time of year (I've taken so many photos in different lights and these were the best!). It looks very fresh on the nails and I think it's well suited to Spring as it reminds me of when everything starts turning green and colourful again! I really like how this shade looks against my skin and I think it would look amazing with a tan during the warmer months. I also can't wait to use this polish to do some nail art, such as floral designs, as I think it will be great to do the little leaves with!

Overall this is such a lovely nail polish and has even persuaded me to try out more green shades! If you're looking for a new polish that will add a pop of colour to your nails this Summer, then definitely check out Queen Victoria Street. You can also try this polish in the Nails inc. Bling It On Emerald kit which looks absolutely gorgeous!

You can buy Nail inc. polishes over at with free delivery, plus they also have 10% off Nails inc. polishes right now!

What are your thoughts on Queen Victoria Street?

Monday, 13 May 2013

Tag | Would You Rather? Beauty Edition

Tag Would You Rather Beauty Edition Belle-amie
Photo from and edited by me
Hello everyone, I hope you're all well and had a lovely day! Today I'm going to do the"Would you rather? Beauty edition" tag which I have seen on quite a few blogs and have really enjoyed reading. I like doing these kinds of posts as I think it's nice to know more about the person behind the blog, plus they're lots of fun to write! I tag you all to do this post and if you do it, please leave the link in the comments; I love reading them! Anyway, on with the post..

1. Would you rather lose all your mascaras, eye liners, lipsticks and lip glosses or all your palettes and eye shadows?
I would much rather lose all of my palettes and eye shadows and keep the rest of my makeup! I actually like the look of just eye liner on my lash line and lots of mascara, it's simple yet can make your eyes look more defined. Also, I don't think I could live without my lipstick collection, especially my bright oranges and pinks! I'm a little be addicted to lip products at the moment haha!

2. Would you rather chop off all your hair or never be able to cut it again?
My first reaction was never have my hair cut again because I hated having short hair, but mine is so weak and damaged that I think it would be ruined if I never cut it again! I think I would go through the pain of having very short hair for a year or so just so I wouldn't have to live with a ridiculous amount of split-ends for the rest of my life haha! Plus I could always use hair extensions to make it longer if it bothered me that much.

3. Would you rather have a coral cheek or a pink cheek?
I much prefer coral toned blushers as I think they suit my skin colour better. I have quite a pink undertone to my skin, so some pink blushers just make me look like I have a rash on my cheeks!

4. If you had £1000 to spend, would you rather buy clothes or makeup?
Despite being a beauty addict, I think I would rather buy clothes! I always feel that I have nothing to wear so it would be nice to add some new pieces to my wardrobe. Plus I have so much makeup that adding another £1000 worth would just be silly haha!

5. Would you rather apply lipstick as eye liner, or eye liner as lipstick?
I think eye liner as lipstick would be much easier, just like applying lip liner? Plus you can get all different coloured eye liners so I'm sure you could find some shades that would work! I can just imagine someone applying lipstick straight on to their eyes haha, that would be too messy to bother with!

6. Would you rather only shop at MAC or Sephora?
I've only ever bought something from Sephora and because they have a huge selection of brands, I would have to say Sephora! I don't think I could stick to one brand, especially one as expensive as MAC!

7. Would you rather only use one eye shadow or one lip colour for the rest of your life?
I would definitely choose one eye shadow shade to wear for the rest of my life. It would probably be a shimmery neutral shade so it would work for day or night time! I would much prefer to have different lip colours as I like wearing bold lips with a neutral eye anyway. Plus only having a bright colour for Winter really wouldn't work, I love wearing my vampy reds for the colder months!

8. Would you rather wear Winter clothes in the Summer, or Summer clothes in the Winter?
I really wouldn't want to do either, they both sound awful! I guess that because Summer in England isn't always that hot and that I do get cold quite easily, I'd have to say Winter clothes in the Summer. Flip-flops in the snow would just be terrible!

9. Would you rather wear dark nails or bright nails all year round?
I think I'd rather wear bright colours because I think they suit my nails a lot nicer. Also a lot of dark shades make my hands look so pale and having that during the Summer wouldn't be nice!

10. Would you rather give up your favourite lip product or your favourite eye product?
To be honest, I wouldn't be fussed to give up either. I have so many variations of the same colour that I would have a back up anyway haha! I think I'd give up my favourite eye product because I tend to swap up my eye shadows more than my lipsticks.

11. Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a pony tail or a messy bun?
Definitely a messy bun! Because my hair's naturally curly, they're so much easier to do than creating a nice, sleek pony tail.

12. Would you rather never being able to paint yours nails again or never use lip gloss?
This is quite an easy one for me and I would rather not use a lip gloss again! I much prefer wearing a lipstick anyway, plus I love painting my nails! I find most lip glosses quite a pain to wear as they can be too sticky or I just don't like the finish; I much prefer a satin finish lipstick to a glossy lip.

13. Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all? Or Sharpie them in everyday?
Oh dear, I really hate the look of drawn on eyebrows haha! But then again, having no eyebrows is even worse! I guess I would have to Sharpie them in everyday.. and never leave the house again haha!

14. Would you rather live without makeup or nail polish?
Even though I love painting my nails, I could definitely live without it. If I'm not wearing makeup, I don't feel "ready" and it makes me not want to do anything during the day! As sad as it sounds, I don't think I could live without wearing makeup, it gives me such a confidence boost and makes me feel so much better about my self that I kind of "need" it in my life. That can sound a bit shallow and obviously if I was actually being made to give makeup up, I could!

I hope you enjoyed the post and I really hope you do this tag as well! Remember, if you have please leave the link in the comments so I can come and have a read.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Spring & Summer Lipsticks

Spring and Summer 2013 Lipsticks Revlon Lip Butter Lipstick Queen Topshop
Spring and Summer 2013 Lipsticks Topshop Lipstick Queen Revlon Lip Butters
Spring and Summer 2013 Lipsticks
Spring and Summer 2013 Lipsticks Swatch Topshop Revlon Lip Butter Lipstick Queen

Hello everyone! I would like to start this post with a massive thank you to you all for helping me reach over 1000 followers through gfc! I'm so happy to have reached such an amazing milestone in this short amount of time (my blog will be 11 months old tomorrow - almost a year!). I really can't believe so many of you enjoy reading my rambles on here and I wish I could give each and everyone on of you a hug! Thank you so much!

Today's post is all about my top lipsticks for Spring and Summer! You may have seen my Spring & Summer Nail Polishes post, so you could call this the next post of the series. During the Spring and Summer I love wearing bright lipsticks, especially hot pinks and oranges! I've picked out a few lipsticks I have loved ever since last year, plus a couple that I've recently picked up and have been using non-stop!

Revlon Lip Butter in "Wild Watermelon" [Review] LINK
 I'm a massive fan of the Revlon Lip Butters and think they're one of the most perfect lip products for Spring and Summer. Their formula is smooth, moisturising and give a lovely amount of colour to your lips! The shade "Wild Watermelon" is a bright red/ pink which looks amazing at this time of year. You may have read in my April favourite's that I like to pair this with Benefit's Benetint to give it an extra pop of colour as on its own, it can look a little sheer! This shade is part of the limited edition Spring/ Summer collection, so I would recommend you trying this out as soon as you can!

Revlon Lip Butter in "Tutti Frutti" [Review] LINK
"Tutti Frutti" was on of my first lip butters I bought last year after as this is when I started to wear more orange toned lipsticks. This lip butter is a bright orange shade that is very nicely pigmented with just a few coats! It has the same moisturising formula as "Wild Watermelon" which makes it feel very nice on the lips. If you're someone who wants to venture out into bright shades this Summer, this is the perfect lip product for you as you can build up the intensity of the colour to suit your preference!

Lipstick Queen in "Fly"* [Review] LINK
 "Fly" has featured in my favourites posts before and is really a perfect all-year-round lipstick. It may look like a standard pink lipstick, but the reason why I love it so much for Summer is because it has turquoise shimmer running through it which makes your teeth look whiter! It really brightens up your smile as well as looking pretty on your lips. I also love the formula and pigmentation of this lipstick; it really is one of the nicest products I've tried!

 Topshop Lips Lip Tint in "Crystal" LINK
 This is my most recent purchase and has quickly jumped into my "favourite lipsticks" category! "Crystal" is a lip tint that reacts to the PH-balance of your lips to create a unique shade of pink that suits you! It also contains a lot of glitter (which surprisingly doesn't feel rough on your lips at all) and makes your lips sparkle in the sun light. This really is a gorgeous lipstick, even just to look at, and I can't wait to use it more over the Summer months! I already have my eye on picking up "Jewel" which is the orange version of this lipstick, it looks amazing!

Topshop Lips Lipstick in "Infrared" [Review]
 My final Spring and Summer lipstick in the infamous "Infrared" by Topshop. I love this lipstick to bits and think the red/ orange tone suits my skin very well. The formula is also very smooth, pigmented and has a velvet finish which I really like. "Infrared" is probably my most worn lipstick during the Summer time and would highly recommend it to anyone who's thinking of trying it out!

So there's my favourite lipsticks for Spring and Summer time! I hoped you found this post useful if you were looking for some new lip products to try for the warmer months. Thank you for reading and I'll talk to you in my next post!

What's your favourite lipstick for Spring & Summer?

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

What's Inside My Beauty Bag?

What's Inside My Beauty Bag Belle-amie
What's Inside My Beauty Bag Products Belle-amie
What's Inside My Beauty Bag Makeup Products Topshop Benefit Bloom Jane Iredale
What's Inside My Beauty Bag Beauty Products Belle-amie Primark Sebastian Professional Jergens Nivea Blistex
What's Inside My Beauty Bag Belle-amie Perfumes vera Wang Ellie Saab YSL Oriens

Hello loveies, today I'm going to show you what products I like to keep in my beauty bag! These are the things that I always take out with me in my handbag and that I class as "on the go beauty essentials". I'm someone who doesn't like to bring a whole selection of makeup, rather just a couple pieces plus a few other useful products! I have done a "What's In my Makeup Bag" post before, but I thought I would update you with what I am currently taking around with me. If you read the last post, you can see that I have a new makeup bag which again is from Primark and I believe it was around £3! I absolutely love the stud detailing and think it looks so pretty against the white leather effect.

♥ Makeup
Like I said, I do bring a couple pieces of makeup with me where ever I go just for touch ups during the day. Firstly, I always bring my lipstick I am wearing that day and in this case it is Topshop's Lip Tint in "Crystal". I recently picked this up and I am in love with it! It's such a pretty pink shade with lots of glitter in, definitely a perfect lipstick for Summer! Another lip product that's always in my beauty bag is Bloom Cosmetic's Lip Butter in "Queen Of The Night". This is a sheer deep red/ pink and gives my lips a hint of colour, so is perfect for when I leave my lipstick at home! I also bring a mini sample of mascara with me for touch ups throughout the day and the one I'm currently using is Benefit's They're Real mascara.  This came in the "She's So Jetset" kit I got for Christmas and to be honest, I'm not 100% keen on it. I like how it makes my lashes look but as it wears through the day, I can find it quite uncomfortable on my eyes! However, I am going to keep on trying it and hopefully use it up soon. Finally I always bring this mini sample of Jane Iredale Powder Foundation* in "Golden Glow" so I can touch up any shiny areas on my face. This is a lovely powder with great coverage and I find mattifies my oilier areas very well.

♥ Beauty Products
The first beauty product I always bring with me is my mini can of Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce Ultra-Firm Hairspray*. This hairspray is amazing and I completely agree that it's an ultra-firm hold as you only need a tiny amount to make your hair stay in place! I love using this to create volume at the roots when my hair has fallen throughout the day. Next up is a sample of the Jergens Ultra Healing body lotion that was a freebie in Marie-Claire last month. Areas of my skin, like my elbows, can get very dry throughout the day and I find this is perfect to apply to help soften them back up! It sinks in quickly, has a very nice smell and because I liked it so much, I also bought it in the hand cream version which is just as lovely! The next 2 products that are always in my beauty bag are my 2 favourite lip balms, the Blistex Relief Cream and Nivea's Soothe & Protect balm. Lip balms are an essential to your handbag and I find these ones together keep my lips chap free and super soft! I really recommend these 2 brands for lip products as I always find they help my lips when they're sore, especially in the Winter. Finally, I keep this little pot of Primark Nail Polish Remover Pads for days when my nail polish chips so much, I have to take it off! These are surprisingly very good, however they do contain acetate which can temporarily turn your nails white and dry them out, so I wouldn't recommend using these everyday. But they are great for an "emergency" or if you've been swatching too many nail polishes on your trip to Boots!

♥ Perfumes
For keeping perfumes in your bag, samples are your best friend! I've accumulated a few over the past few months and I think they're really handy to keep in your bag for when you need a bit of sprucing up! The ones I have are: YSL Manifesto, Ellie Saab Le Parfum and Van Cleef & Arples Oriens. I like having different scents in my handbag as just having the same one can get a bit boring after a while! Finally I also have a roller ball version of Vera Wang's Princess which is my all time favourite perfume and is perfect for using as a little pick me up during the day!

So they're all the products I bring with me in my beauty bag every time I go out. I also have a golden bow compact mirror and packet of mini nail files (you can see them in the picture of all the products) which I think are a necessities for any girl's handbag! I hope you enjoyed this post and if there are any products you want a full review on, then please ask in the comments below!

What is your essential beauty product you always bring out with you?
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