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Review | Star Gazer Cosmetics

Hello everyone! As the weather has been so lovely recently I thought it would be nice to take a few blog photos in the garden, so I hope you like the change of background! Today I'm going to be reviewing a selection of makeup products from the brand Star Gazer. When I was younger I actually used to use some of their products as they were a cheap and cheerful makeup line that offered a wide selection of cosmetics. I was a big fan of their eye shadows (I remember being in love with a neon pink eye shadow called Pink Flamingo) so I wanted to see how I felt about their products now I'm a bit older! If you read my blog you'll know that I usually tend to stick to my trusty neutral shades. So I wanted to try some bright yet still wearable colours and see whether I could come out of my natural eye shadow bubble.

Star Gazer Eye Shadows & Eye Dust | £3.00 - £4.00 each | LINK
Star Gazer offers a range of different formula eye shadows which come in a huge selection of bright and natural colours. They are affordable and I think these eye shadows would be perfect if you wanted to expand your eye shadow collection or if you're just getting into wearing makeup.

The first eye shadow I tried was Magenta which is a pink/ purple shade and is a velvet eye shadow formula so the finish has a slight sheen. It's not a very soft eye shadow but does have a nice colour pay off and lasts very well on the lid. Unfortunately due to my skin having quite a pink undertone, I don't think this colour suits me very well. Pink shades are meant to be perfect for blue eyes so I may pop this in my college makeup kit!

Next up I tried Coral Gold eye shadow which is a very pretty coral shade with some golden shimmer. This has a much softer formula compared to Magenta and again has a lovely colour pay off and lasts well on the eyes. Orange shades are meant to compliment brown coloured eyes very well and I find that it's a great colour to blend out in the crease when paired with a more neutral shade. It adds a nice pop of colour to the eyes which is perfect for the summer time!

The final pressed shadow I tried was a pearl eye shadow in Envy Green which is a green shade with lots of shimmer. This shadow has the nicest formula out of the 3 pressed shadows as it's soft, smooth and very pigmented. This is the shade I've worn the least however I would more than happily buy another one of these shadows in a more wearable shade!

The last eye shadow I was able to try was an eye dust in the shade 20 which is a deep mossy green shade with some shimmer. I really like the formula of this eye dust and I think this will be a great crease shadow for the Autumn/ Winter time! It is pigmented, smooth to apply and wears nicely on the eyes however there is quite a bit of fall out as it is a loose shadow, so take care when applying it!

Star Gazer Lipstick in 127 | £3.50 | LINK
The Star Gazer lipstick range is amazing! There are so many shades to choose from, such as reds and pinks to bold blues. My main problem with their lipsticks is that the packaging is very cheap and feels like it would break easily. I know £3.50 is cheap for a lipstick, but I do think that the tube and lid could be a lot stronger.

I chose the shade 127 which is a bright red and to be honest, is a shade of lipstick that I don't really have in my collection! The lipstick has a very soft and moisturising formula and I find it applies really well. I love how this lipstick looks on my lips but I do find it transfers easily, especially when eating or drinking. This would be a nice lipstick if you were just getting into makeup but I personally wouldn't buy another one!

Star Gazer Nail Polish | £2.50 each | LINK 
The two final products I tried from Star Gazer were nail polishes. Again, the colour and effect range that Star Gazer sells is really good - there's literally every colour you can think of! I really like how the bottles look and the brushes are quite thin and very easily to use.

The first polish I tried was 301 which is a very pretty shimmery blue that reminds me of the ocean when on the nails. The formula of this polish is quite thin but it only takes around 2 to 3 coats of polish to make it opaque. I really like this nail polish and surprisingly I don't have this sort of shade in my collection! I would recommend this shade as it's very pretty and looks great on the nails!

The final nail polish I tried was 168 which is an orange/ gold shimmer top coat. It has a very thin orange base colour so takes around 3 to 4 coats if you just want to wear this polish alone. I personally think it looks great over the top of an orange or coral nail polish to add some extra shimmer to the nails. I found that the formula of this polish was quite gloopy which was a shame as I think it would be a perfect orange shimmer polish if it was thinner. Both of these nail polishes lasted well on my nails without a top coat and as they both contain shimmer, they were a bit of a pain to remove!

Overall I think Star Gazer is a nice makeup brand but I think it is more targeted to people just starting out with makeup. As it's so cheap, it's easy to play around with colours and build up a good collection. I'm personally not in love with this brand, purely because I'm used to wearing better quality makeup, but I do think other people will enjoy it! Sorry that this post was so long, but I hope that you found it useful!

What are your thoughts on Star Gazer's products?


  1. Oooh!! All the colours look so pretty and I love the swatches!!

    I like wearing colour when the weather starts getting miserable as it just makes me happier!

    Lovely post! :)

    Layla xx


    1. Ah that's a good way of thinking about makeup :) I wouldn't think to wear bright colours in the A/W time, but I guess it would make me feel happier too! Thank you xx

  2. All the stuff is gorgeous and summery! I'm so in love with the nail polishes *_*

    1. Their products would be great for summer - so bright and cheerful! xx

  3. Love the colours! Sx


  4. I love the tangerine color of that nail polish!! Shame that it takes so many coats for full opacity :/


    1. Yes I wasn't really impressed with the formula :/ Shame because it looks great over orange nail polishes! xx

  5. Love the colour of that lipstick x

  6. The colours look so lovely! Especially the lipstick,


  7. Those colours are amazing, so bright! x

  8. I actually really love stargazer. They do some amazing palettes!
    hareem x

    1. I've never tried their palettes :) I will definitely have a look at them if I see them! xx

  9. those eyeshadows look really pretty!

  10. Wow superb review i just want to grab it all lol :) Thanks for sharing :)

  11. I love these colors!!!

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog www.jungleoflipstick.blogspot.com

    Kisses ;)

  12. I love your blog and your theme is so cute. I'm following you on bloglovin and was wondering if you'd do me the pleasure of following mine in return.

  13. I remember being given that blue nail polish years ago when I first started looking at make up! Such a pretty colour :) Rachel xxx


  14. Love the lipstick. I'm going to try red lips this fall

  15. That orange nail polish looks AMAZING!

    Great post! The photos are lovely.



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