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Saturday 28 June 2014

New Everyday Lipstick | Soap & Glory Fabu Lipstick

Soap And Glory Super Colour Fabu Lipstick In The Missing Pink Satin Finish Review Belle Amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog
Soap & Glory Super Colour Fabu Lipstick in "The Missing Pink" | £9.00 | LINK

Despite owning numerous lipsticks in a variety of shades, I was never able to find "the one" that I could stick to and officially call my everyday lipstick. I used to easily get bored of nude lipsticks and after a while I just wanted to go back to wearing brighter and more fun colours. After a recent trip to Boots and being sucked into the 3 for 2 offer on Soap & Glory makeup, I decided to try out one of their Super Colour Fabu Lipsticks in the shade "The Missing Pink" and now I can finally say I've found my perfect everyday lipstick! I've only tried one of the matte versions of these lipsticks before, but as it's summer I much prefer a glossier looking lip so I decided to give this beautiful shade a try.

Soap And Glory Super Colour Fabu Lipstick In The Missing Pink Satin Finish Packaging Lipstick Tube Review Belle Amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog
Soap And Glory Super Colour Fabu Lipstick In The Missing Pink Satin Finish Review Packaging Name Label Belle Amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog

The Super colour Fabu Lipsticks come in their own individual box which I personally think makes a lipstick seem a lot more expensive - not just the £9.00 I actually paid. As this lipstick is from the satin finish line, the outer packaging of the lipstick itself is a glossy black tube with the signature pink Soap & Glory writing on the front. As much as I adore Soap & Glory's packaging, the fact that everything is black and pink makes distinguishing my liquid liner from my brow pen from the bottom of my makeup bag quite a tricky job. However I still love it and think it's very pretty to look at!

"The Missing Pink" is a gorgeous pink/ nude with a satin finish and has a small amount of very fine shimmer in it. I really love the finish of this lipstick as it leaves a good amount of sheen on the lips but at the same time isn't overly shiny and glossy. This means those who prefer a matte lip might still be able to get away with this shade yet at the same time those who are a lover of the glossy lip can apply a pink or nude lip gloss over the top to make more of an impact! For me I think it's a perfect in between and I love just wearing it on its own.

Soap And Glory Super Colour Fabu Lipstick In The Missing Pink Satin Finish Review Packaging In The Tube Bullet Belle Amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog
Soap And Glory Super Colour Fabu Lipstick In The Missing Pink Satin Finish Review In The Tube Bullet Embossed SG Belle Amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog

After applying "The Missing Pink" for the first time I was absolutely blown away by how beautiful the formula was! This satin finish lipstick contains shea butter, monoi butter and vitamin E which together makes it super creamy, soft and a complete dream to apply. Usually some nude lipsticks can cling to drier patches of skin on the lips as their formulas aren't very nourishing, but for "The Missing Pink" I can actually feel my lips being hydrated as I wear it! Even though "The Missing Pink" is such a creamy lipstick, I find it has a really good wear time of about 3 to 4 hours which is usually how often I reapply my lipstick anyway. I also find it wears off pretty evenly too so you're never left with that awkward lipstick line around your lips!

Another thing that I love about this lipstick (which you can actually find in most Soap & Glory lip products) is the scent of the product. If you like sweet, pleasant vanilla scents then this lipstick is definitely one for you! It tastes amazing on the lips (even thought you shouldn't be tasting them haha!) and I think this makes the lipstick feel even more luxurious and high end.

Soap And Glory Super Colour Fabu Lipstick In The Missing Pink Satin Finish Review Swatch On Skin Belle Amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog
Soap And Glory Super Colour Fabu Lipstick In The Missing Pink Satin Finish Review Swatch On Lips Makeup Face Of The Day Belle Amie UK Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Blog

Overall I'm seriously impressed with how well this lipstick works! I love that it's such a wearable nude shade that works with every makeup look and occasion. I also think this lipstick would work for a huge array of skin tones, especially the fairer skins as it's such a beautiful and natural shade. I'm really tempted to pick up some more of these lipsticks so if you've tried them before please let me know what shades you've tried!

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Have you tried any of Soap & Glory's lipsticks?
What's your favourite everyday lipstick?
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  1. I'm loving the colour! Such pretty packaging too (as with all soap & glory products). It looks like a lovely everyday wear, there's nothing more disappointing than when a lipstick clings to dry patches! Might try this out soon. Xxx

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

  2. That colour suits you SO freaking well :D I wish we could get Soap and Glory make up here is Australia but unfortunately we can't :(

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  3. that colour really suits you! soap and glory do some great makeup :)

  4. This lipstick looks gorgeous! Loving S&G cosmetics at th mo!

    Nicola xx

  5. I had no idea S&G did such gorgeous lipsticks - it looks beautiful on you! Such a perfect shade for summer :)
    Mia xx

  6. This shade looks amazing on you:)
    Would you mind checking out my blog?

  7. Always always love Soap & Glory packaging, i swear i have so many empty boxes just because they're pretty haha.
    Love this shade!
    lots of love ♥ | jennifer's journal x

  8. I love Soap & Glory products!! They're always amazing :)
    Perfect lip color!

  9. It looks gorgeous on you!
    I've never tried any of the lippies myself but my mum loves their xmas lipstick palettes that they come out with so I think I'll have to borrow that and try a few!
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe | Bloglovin

  10. It looks lovely on you. Very appropriately named considering you'd been looking for something like it!
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

    1. Thank you! That's true, it's a very fitting name for this lipstick haha xx

  11. The color is gorgeous. It looks good on you xx

  12. Gorgeous colour, looks lovely on you :o)
    L xo

  13. This shade looks lovely, I may have to pick it up xx

  14. I am 100% buying this, this is just the colour I've been looking for! So pretty!

  15. Great review, really in-depth and helpful, thanks! LOVE this colour lipstick on you - it really suits you and I am so tempted to pick it up after reading...
    Nicola x (@itsneecola)

    1. Definitely give their lipsticks a try, I think they're totally worth it :) xx

  16. Soap & Glory is always so appealing! I never knew they sold makeup though. I think my local Sephora only sells their skincare line. That lipstick tube looks humungous though!!

  17. I love the packaging, you're beautiful, I love your eyes!


  18. what a gorgeous shade! i love soap and glory, and this shade looks amazing on you!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  19. This looks absolutely stunning, it looks amazing on you!


  20. Loving the shade, it's actually perfect on you!xx

  21. Love this colour, it really suites you! xx

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