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Thursday 6 June 2013

Review | Silkia Re-Gen Cream

Silkia Re-Gen Cream Review Belle-amie
Silkia Re-Gen Cream Review Claims Belle-amie
Silkia Re-Gen Cream What It Helps Review Belle-amie
Silkia Re-Gen Cream Pot Packaging Review Belle-amie
Silkia Re-Gen Cream Pot Product Review Belle-amie

Hello everyone! I hope you're all well and having a lovely week. Today's review is about a product that I have been using religiously for a good 8 months and has become a firm favourite in my skin care routine. Silkia's Re-Gen Cream is a specially formulated product that is designed to help prevent and treat different skin conditions such as scars, stretch marks and blemishes. My skin has always been problematic and one of the main issues I faced was scarring and marks left after having a blemish on my face. The blemish itself would go within about a week or so, but the mark left afterwards could stay for months on end leaving my skin looking uneven. So after hearing about this product, I instantly knew I had to try it and see whether it would finally put a stop to my pesky skin condition!

Re-Gen Cream contains a lot of ingredients that are very beneficial to improving your skin's condition. Firstly, it contains an active ingredient called PCL Liquid which is meant to aid skin regeneration and help improve the condition of your skin. It also contains Vitamin E which is an essential and powerful anti-oxidant that can help protect and repair your skin. As well as these important ingredients, Re-Gen Cream contains: Lavender, Calendula, Chamomile and Rosemary Oils which can help soothe and soften your skin. To me, all of these claims sounded amazing and the fact it contains Chamomile meant it was going to be perfect for my sensitive skin! Also, you may be able to tell it contains similar ingredients to Bio-Oil which is amazing at helping scars, stretch marks and dry skin. However, putting an oil on my face has never appealed to me as I thought it would cause more problems than it could solve! This is why Re-Gen Cream stood out to me so much; as it's a cream formula it makes it perfectly safe to apply to your face without the risk of causing more blemishes or making your skin oilier.

I apply Re-Gen Cream twice a day after cleansing and toning my face as it is brilliant at moisturising and hydrating my skin. I take a small amount and I massage it all over my face and concentrate it on the areas where there are more scarring, blemish marks and dryness. The cream is very thick, pleasant to apply and really feels like it moisturising my skin! I then leave it for about 5 minutes to sink in - this is more important in the morning when I'm applying it before my makeup. I find that this cream leaves my skin feel soft and supple and actually creates quite a nice base to apply my makeup over. As for long term results, I can definitely say that Re-Gen Cream has helped clear up my blemish marks a lot quicker than if I were to leave them naturally. I've also found that I rarely get dry patches of skin which I was very prone to getting under my eyes and along my jaw line. Another great thing about this cream is the scent, as it contains all these natural oils it makes it smell very relaxing, soothing and perfect for using just before bed!

Overall, I absolutely love this product and I can see me using this for a very long time! It has definitely improved the overall condition of my skin and now I don't have to spend as much time covering up the uneven areas of my face. I love the fact that you can use Re-Gen Cream as your day and night moisturiser as well as a treatment for a lot of minor skin conditions you may have. I've bought Re-Gen Cream from both Asda and Home Bargains, so the only problem I've found is that it's not widely available to everyone. But if you're looking for a purse-friendly product that will help the condition of your skin, I would highly recommend you trying Silkia Re-Gen Cream!

Have you tried Silkia Re-Gen Cream?

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  1. Sounds good x

  2. never heard of this brand or product - sound great though :) Great review x

  3. I can't wait to try this, I think it being a cream texture appeals to me more than the oil texture of bio-oil!
    Fashion Ganache.

  4. This sounds amazing I have lots of acne scarring so I'll have to try this especially as it's only £3.99!

  5. This is my staple day moisturiser. I've been using it for about 6 months and I absolutely love it!! And so affordable :) But it is quite difficult to find, so I always stock up on a few when I can get to Home Bargains!! :) Scottish Wendy | Wendy's World xx

  6. I've been wanting to try this stuff for EVER but I have no idea where to find it here.

    xo Ashley

  7. This cream sounds amazing. I have oily skin, with dehydrated patches and prone to break outs (not the ideal combination) so I am always in search of the best creams to try. Definitely will have to give this a go - trip to Asda later then!

    Trish x

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