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Monday 16 July 2012

Review | Chilli Pepper London Bare Browns Eye Shadow Quad

I bought this eye shadow quad a couple of years ago because I love wearing gold and light coloured eye shadows. I haven't seen any reviews or posts about Chilli Pepper before so I thought I would share this product with you.  
Please excuse the inconsistent lighting, weather in England means it's sunshine one minute and hurricane storms the next!

£6 from Boots

So as you can see there are four colours in this quad: a white, grey, black and gold. When you first use this quad the white and the gold eye shadows also have detailing on the top, but because I have used this product numerous times, they have worn away.
All of these eye shadows have shimmer in them which is something I like in eye shadows. They are all quite pigmented, especially the black which means you don't have to use loads of the product for one application. The eye shadows are also really soft so they blend nicely together.
Another thing I like about this product is that it gives you 2 lovely day colours and 2 colours that can be used at night for a smokey eye. This means that you can throw this in your handbag, because it's small, and change your day look consisting of the gold and white into something deeper by using the grey and black! I really enjoy putting the gold all over my lid and then placing some of the white onto the centre of my lid and into my inner corners for a bright-eyed golden look.
An added bonus is that the packaging is so pretty! All of Chilli Pepper's products have this kind of pattern to them. Also there is the little mirror inside which is handy has a compact or to help apply the products. I actually used to use this quad as my compact mirror as well because it's so pretty.

I think the only issue I have with this brand is that I can only seem to find it in Boots at Christmas time! I believe that I read somewhere that they have a boutique in London, but I live too far away from that to make a trip to buy more of their products!
Also, the quad comes with one of the sponge tip applicators which I never find myself using!

Overall I really like this eyeshadow quad, it's so easy to wear and gives you some lovely colours to work with. It's great for wearing to school or college and can even be used for an eye look for a night out! I recommend trying out this product or something similar if you are able to find one. If you know of any places Chilli Pepper London is sold pernamently please leave a comment!

Have you tried anything from the Chilli Pepper London range?



  1. I really enjoyed reading this :) I have one too, I got it as a present for Christmas last year but mines a blue one, I can't find them anymore either :( xx

    1. Thank you :) I know it's annoying that you have to wait ages to try the products out! xx

  2. These colour are lovely! I like getting pallets that can be used for day to day and night time use. And your are right, I only see them at Christmas too :/ xxx

    My Blog : The Style Khaleesi

    1. I agree they're the most useful :) Ah it's such a shame, they're great palettes too that need to be sold all year round! xx

  3. Amazing colours!

  4. oooh i have an eyeshadow palette by the same brand, but ive never seen them in stores either!? annoying!!
    nicola xxx

    1. Guess we'll have to wait until Christmas again! xx


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