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Wednesday 11 July 2012

My Top 6 | Lip Glosses

In my last top 6 makeup products (lipstick) I got some positive response to do some more of these posts, in particular including drugstore/ high street makeup. So these are my 6 most reached for lip glosses. I have said before I do not wear it on a regular basis, but there are some lipsticks that need some form of glossy finish and these are the ones I like.

Swatched in the same order as above
Left to right:
No7 Poppy King Blossoming Lip Gloss: this is a lip gloss that I got in one of those little sets you can get from Boots at Christmas. I actually bought the set myself in the sale and it came with a cream blusher/ lip stain, a lipstick brush and another tube lip gloss. I like this lip gloss because it is one of the lip products that when you apply it it changes colour due to the alkaline on your lips. So when it comes out the tube it is clear and when it has been on your lips for around 30 seconds it changes to a really pretty pink (can go even darker than the swatch). Because it does this, it states that it will change to a unique shade to suit your skin tone, which I think it does.

Barry M Limited Edition (the pink one): this is the first out of two Barry M lip glosses that I got free with an Impulse body spray. It's a very light pink gloss with pink and some blue/ purple shimmer. It's a very easy gloss to wear as it's sheer and can be worn over many lipsticks. Another thing I like about this lip gloss is the smell! I can't work out exactly what the smell is but there is definitely some kind of strawberry or raspberry in it, which makes it smell divine!

Barry M Limited Edition (the nude one): again another lip gloss I got free with an Impulse body spray. It's a nude pink gloss with faint gold shimmer. Like the pink Barry M gloss I love the smell, it reminds me of Caramac bars so it smells like caramel! This is something I love about Barry M lip glosses and makes you want to keep reapplying it throughout the day. (I am now really craving a Caramac bar haha!).

Natural Collection Juicy Lips Gloss in Cherry Drop: the main thing that attracts me to this lip gloss is the colour in the tube! It's a hot pink with silver shimmer which pick up all different colours. It's not very pigmented once on the lips but does give a pretty pink shimmer. Again I think this is a great product to use over a pink or nude lipstick. The smell isn't too great, it smells like artificial cherries but once it's on the lips the smell starts to fade.

Fearne Glossy Lips: this is another lip gloss I received at Christmas that was in a Boots makeup set. I love this gloss as you can wear it by itself as it's an opaque pink colour. There isn't any shimmer in this gloss and isn't very sticky. I also really like the packaging of this product, especially the handle detail.

Collection 2000 Cream Puff in Cotton Candy 1: this was mentioned in my June Favourites post because this is probably my favourite lip product ever! It's a really soft lip cream that has a matte finish. I love wearing this on its own or even underneath another lip product such as Revlon's Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake. i also have this in a red/ coral colour but the pink is definitely my favourite. It's more drying that normal lip glosses so you do need to wear a balm with this product too.

I would like to say hello and thank you to my new followers :) I can't believe I've reached 50 followers! I've been blogging for a month today and I thank you all so much for joining me on my blog!

What are your favourite lip glosses?



  1. The Cream Puff looks like I might like it xD

    1. Definitely try it out it's a lovely product :) xx

  2. I want to try some of the Natural Collection ones since they are so reasonably priced. I love the Revlon Colourburst glosses, they're my favourite so far! :)

    Chelle x

    1. I haven't tried out Revlon glosses I'll have to try them out soon :) xx

  3. Delicious colours! xo

  4. i still havent tried any of the collection 2000 cream puffs but really want to - this looks like such a pretty shade!
    nicola xxx

    1. Ah I really recommend them :)! I have fairy cupcake (I think) as well which is a pretty shade too! xxx

  5. love this post xxx

    Natali xox

  6. I love Barry M lipglosses too! cute blog! check mine out?

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