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Monday 1 October 2012

September Favourite's

Hello ♥
I feel like I haven't written a proper blog post in weeks, so I have decided to do my September Favourite's. I've had loads of favourites this month, so this might be quite a long post!

Revlon Sheer Translucide Nail Enamel in 910 Barely Peach
Now this may look a bit familiar because I have just given away a very similar colour in my giveaway called Scene Stealer. I love using this polish on its own as it gives you a clean, natural manicure look. As I can't wear nail polish to college (which is really annoying!) I secretly use this instead to make sure my nails are strong, look clean and are shiny. It's also a great base coat as it's almost clear, just a tinge of nude.

Revlon Super Lusterous Lip Gloss in 170 Coral Reef
This is probably the best lip gloss I have ever come across. I don't usually wear lip gloss because I don't like the overly shiny affect it gives my lips, but the finish of this Revlon gloss is perfect. It does add shine to your lips, but not too much. I also adore the colour and looks great when applied alone or over a coral lipstick. The smell isn't bad too, so overall is a brilliant product!
Eyelash Curlers
I'm really annoyed at myself right now because I have no idea what brand these are! I picked them up in TK Maxx the other day for £2.99 because I was in need of some new ones and fell in love with the colour haha! They perform really well and feel quite sturdy. I use these every time I curl my eyelashes, which is usually every time I wear makeup!

Accessorize 'A' Initial Ring
I bought this at the beginning of the month and remember it being a bargain at £4 from Accessorize! I love dainty and personalised jewellery as it can go with any outfit. It's so simple but the twisted band and the basic lettering make it look so cute on.

Accessorize Knotted Ring
 This is another of my all-time favourite rings. Again, it's so simple yet looks so nice on. I usually wear this if I am wearing my 'A' ring, which seems to be the only ring combo I've been wearing all month!

Bloom Cosmetics Angled Eyeliner and Blending Brush
Bloom has been a great brand for me this month. At my local Superdrug they were doing a clearance on the brand so everything was under £2.99! Considering the RRP of most of their products is around the £14 mark, it was a great saving.
Firstly, the eyeliner brush. This was reduced to 99p when I bought it which was amazing as I have been looking for a brush like this to apply brow powder/ eyeshadow to my eyebrows! It's been working amazingly and is great quality!
Secondly, the blending brush. This was reduced to £1.99, which is still a bargain! I don't actually own a blending brush and have just been using a cheap, fluffy eyeshadow brush to do the job. I love this new brush, it blends so effortlessly and is so much better than what I've been using!

Collection 2000 Shimmering Glow Powder in 04 Espresso
You may have seen in my recent review of the Collection 2000 Bronzing Kit that I do not own many bronzers. Well, I went back into Poundland recently and found some more bronzing products, so I bought this powder and the bronzing balls (both by Collection 2000) to give a go. I love this powder! It gives warmth to my cheeks and is great to use for contouring. Also, you only need a little bit so this will last a long time!

Bloom Cosmetics Pure Mineral Radiant Touch Blusher in Rosie
Another Bloom product I found in the clearance section reduced to £2.99. As this is a mineral blusher, it looks so natural when applied to the cheeks. I've been loving this to warm up my cheeks and give me that rosy glow you get in the winter months.

Hope you enjoyed this post! I will try and get back into the swing of posting regularly. 
What are your September favourite's?

Amie ♥

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  1. great post! Revlon nail polishes are so good.
    check out my september favourites here.


    1. Thank you :) I love Revlon nail polishes too, I think the formulas are really good xx

    2. yeah there great for the price too especially when you can sometimes get them in poundland xx

    3. The majority of my Revlon nail polishes are from Poundland, including this one! Such a great place for bargains! xx

    4. all mine are! Yeah if your in there at the right times you can find some great stuff its so good .xx

  2. I love both of the rings :) xx

  3. I have one of those revlon lipglosses in Pink Crystals and it is my fav ever lipgloss! xo

    1. They're seriously great lip products aren't they? I hope I can find some more soon! xx

  4. Really like the rings x

  5. I got the coral reef lipgloss a couple of weeks ago and I've been using it so much lately!
    It would definitely be in my faves this month if I did a post on it :)

    Great post Amie :)

    Laura x

    1. It's such a pretty lip gloss :) Thank you xx

  6. :O I love the revlon nail varnishes :) that colour looks amazing

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