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Tuesday 18 June 2013

Collective Clothes Haul

Collective Clothes Haul Primark New Look Apricot Belle-amie
Collective Clothes Haul Apricot Pansy And Dots Dress Belle-amie
Collective Clothes Haul Apricot Pansy And Dots Dress Close Up Belle-amie
Collective Clothes Haul New Look Cream Chiffon Belted Dress Belle-amie
Collective Clothes Haul New Look Black Sleeveless Skater Dress Belle-amie
Collective Clothes Haul Primark Coral Flower Cut Out Dress Belle-amie
Collective Clothes Haul Primark Coral Flower Cut Out Dress Close Up Belle-amie
Collective Clothes Haul Primark Black Flower Cut Out Dress Belle-amie
Collective Clothes Haul Primark Black Flower Cut Out Dress Close Up Belle-amie
Collective Clothes Haul Primark Navy Polka Dot Playsuit Belle-amie
Collective Clothes Haul Primark Black Print Playsuit Belle-amie
Hello everyone, hope you're all well! Today I have another haul for you, but for once it's actually a clothes haul! I never seem to do clothes hauls as my camera isn't the best at taking photos of them so I usually never bother trying to post one. But recently I've been picking up quite some new clothes for my holiday and I really wanted to share them with you. As you can see, I've bought quite a few dresses which are my favourite pieces of clothing to wear in the Summer. I'm sorry that you can't see the clothes in full, I'm trying out new angles so I can photograph them well and this was the best I could do! I'm planning to start doing lots of Outfits Of The Day posts once the sun comes out, so you'll be able to see them fully then!

Apricot Pansy & Dots Dress | £27 reduced to £15 | LINK
Apricot isn't usually a brand I buy clothes from, but when I was looking through New Look I spotted this dress in the sale. I instantly fell in love with the floral and polka dot print against the navy material. I thought it would be perfect for the Summer as it can either be dressed up with a blazer and heels or dressed down with a denim jacket and flats, so it's a very versatile piece. The only problem with this dress is that it is quite big fitting, so if you want to buy it I would suggest getting a size down from what you normally get.

New Look Cream Chiffon Belted Dress | £19.99 | LINK 
A while ago now I bought a navy blazer from Primark but I didn't really have many pieces it would go with. I picked up this gorgeous cream chiffon dress from New Look and thought they would go together perfectly! This dress fits really well (the belt really brings the dress together) and it finishes half way down my thigh. I can't wait to wear this dress and I think it'll be great for wearing out in the evenings.

New Look Black Sleeveless Skater Dress | £9.99 | LINK
The other day I realised I didn't own a simple black dress so I went on the hunt for one in New Look. After looking at their disappointing selection of black dresses I decided to look in the "basics" section and try out my luck. To my surprise I found this simple black skater dress for just under £10 and the last in my size. It fits like a dream and is perfect for any occasion, I know I'm going to get a lot of wear out of this dress!

Primark Coral Flower Cut Out Dress | £10 |
The new dress selection in Primark is amazing at the moment! I've fallen in love with the simple dresses that have a cut out flower design around the stomach area and I literally want every design they have! The first one I have is in this beautiful coral shade that just screams Summer time! It has quite a high neckline and finishes half way down my thigh. Even though it has a cut out around the stomach, it hardly shows any skin which is great as it will suit anyone.

Primark Black Flower Cut Out Dress | £10 |
The next cut out dress I have is the black floral print one. This dress fits me really well and I love the cute floral design. I've already worn this dress on a night out and it's very comfortable and flattering! I also like how it has almost every colour in the floral print, so this dress will go with pretty much any accessory, pair of shoes or hand bag you have! It's a perfect piece to have in your wardrobe.

Primark Navy Polka Dot Playsuit | £5 |
Next up are some more clothing items I have fallen in love with from Primark. These little playsuits are so cute and cost a mere £5! I first one I have is this navy polka dot one. It has crossed straps at the back which are secured by buttons at the front. The back of the playsuit is quite low so it will have to be paired with a bandeau underneath. A very simple piece that again I will get a lot of wear out of!

Primark Black Print Playsuit | £5 |
The final piece is my last playsuit from Primark and this one is in a black and cream print. It has the same crossed straps and again will have to be worn with a bandeau underneath. I really love the print of this playsuit and think it will look great in the evening with some wedges. Both of these playsuits are quite short but are very comfortable to wear. They have a stretchy wait line and are made of a very soft material. I will definitely be picking up more of these playsuits if I find any more designs I like!

So this is my collective clothes haul! I will definitely be posting more clothes hauls in the future now that I have found a way to take some decent pictures that I don't mind putting on my blog haha. Please do let me know if you'd like to see some Outfit Of The Day posts on my blog and tell me which piece you'd like to see first!

What clothes have you bought from Primark recently?
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  1. Ah, such a great haul! I absolutely love dresses, so this has got me itching to go out shopping now. The coral dress with cutouts in the waist is exactly my style; so pretty!

  2. That black and white playsuit is right up my street. Definitely needing that for holidays! xxo

  3. Awesome haul! The dresses are all lovely! My favorite would be the cream chiffon belted dress. I just love flowy fabrics.

  4. I've got the coral dress from Primark!:) love the polka dot playsuit xoxo

  5. Those are all so lovely especially pansy and polka dots xx

  6. Loving the coral cut out dress! Winner :) x

  7. Can't believe the playsuits are only £5 and are from primark! Gorgeous xx

    1. I know! They're so lovely and fit really well too, definitely worth picking up :) xx

  8. I love the little coral dress! The cut out detail is so pretty. xo

  9. Everything is so summery - love it!

  10. I need more skater dresses. I love them and the cut flatters EVERYONE

    xo Ashley

  11. in love with that last playsuit!

    Kamila xx

  12. Ah great haul! Love everything you got, very summery!

  13. So many lovely summer items!! I'm so jealous that we don't have Primark here in the states :(


  14. Great summer dresses!!

    Maddy @

  15. I love the coral dress - one of my favourite colours this summer :)

    Great blog!

  16. I love the coral dress :) x

  17. What a great haul, so many lovely pieces! xx

    D Is For...

  18. Love the playsuits and you can never go wrong with a black skater dress, it's one of my wardrob staples :

  19. You bought some lovely stuff! The White dress is my fave.
    Adela x

  20. I love the coral crochet dress! :)

  21. Oooh, so many lovely dresses! LOVE the cream chiffon dress, and when dresses come with belts :D

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  22. I NEED that black cut out dress from primark! Great haul :) x

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  24. Wow some of these are really amazing. I've started to buy a lot of Sequin Dresses to add to the collection. They look great and work with everything.

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