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Wednesday 3 July 2013

Review | NSpa Beauty & Bathing Rituals

Hello everyone! I was recently contacted by NSpa and asked whether I would like to try out  a selection of samples from their Beauty and Bathing Rituals lines. I had never heard of the brand before, but after some researching I was very excited to be able to try out some of their products. NSpa (Nirvana Spa) is actually a day spa here in the UK and along side this, they also produce a range of spa-inspired products including their beauty, bathing and hair rituals. The amazing thing about NSpa is that despite their products being of such high quality, their prices are extremely affordable and are available in Asda stores and online! They are also against animal testing and none of their products are tested on animals which is something that really draws me to a company.
The first 3 samples I tried out were from the Beauty Rituals line. I'm always on the hunt for new skincare, especially if it's available on the high street as I'm not someone who tends to splurge out on skin products regularly! The Beauty Rituals skincare line consists of 19 products and they're all devised into a 4 simple steps: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Treat and Moisturise. All of the products from the Beauty Rituals range are dermatologically tested and are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, which is what I have. Plus they also have the same fresh, clean scent and smell like you're having a spa facial!

Melting Cleansing Gel* (Step One - Cleanse) | £6 for 250ml | Info | LINK
I have never tried a gel cleanser before and I was very interested to see how well NSpa's Melting Cleansing Gel would work for my skin. This cleanser uses grapeseed oil to help dissolve makeup and impurities to leave your skin feeling clean and fresh. It also has neroli, avacado and apricot oils as well as Vitamin E to leave your skin feeling nourished and soft. To apply this cleanser, you massage a small amount into dry skin, wet your hands, massage in again so that it turns into a cleansing milk and then rinse. It's gentle enough to be able to be used morning and evening. I found it removed some of my makeup easily but struggled with products like mascara. However, it did leave my skin feeling clean, soft and has also kept my blemishes at bay - perfect! I've really enjoyed this cleanser and I'm very tempted to pick up the full size next time I'm in Asda!

Hot Cloth Polish* (Step Two - Exfoliate) | £7 for 150ml | Info | LINK
Next up I tried their Hot Cloth Polish. Again, I've never tried a hot cloth cleanser and this was yet another product I was very excited to try out! Unfortunately I didn't receive the muslin cloth that comes with the full size of this, so I just used an ordinary flannel instead and I found that worked just fine! The Hot Cloth Polish uses cocoa butter and almond oil to help dissolve makeup and impurities and then the muslin cloth buffs away dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling soft and clean. It also contains the same neroli, avacado and apricot oils and Vitamin E to help leave your skin soft and moisturised. To apply the Hot Cloth Polish, I massage in a small amount of the cream into my face and with a hot, damp flannel I wipe my skin to remove the polish. This leaves my skin feeling amazingly soft and removes the rest of my makeup left on from the Melting Cleansing Gel. For me, the Hot Cloth Polish has been the stand out product from the Beauty Rituals line and I will definitely be purchasing this soon!

Illuminating Beauty Serum* (Step Three - Treat) | £7 for 50ml | Info | LINK
The final product from the Beauty Rituals line I tried was the Illuminating Beauty Serum. This is a light weight serum designed to give a natural dewy glow to the skin as it contains tiny bits of golden shimmer. I find that this leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth as well as giving my skin a luminous glow. You can apply this under your makeup to give a glowing base or use it throughout the day as a sort of "pick me up". I think this is a lovely product and definitely something that's great for Summer when you want a natural looking glow to your skin.

The next 3 samples I tried were from the Bathing Rituals range and are all from the Jojoba & White Jasmine line. The NSpa Bathing Rituals line consists of 8 full size products and 3 travel size which again have a 3 step process: Cleanse, Exfoliate and Moisturise. All of the products in the line contain essential oil of sandalwood and oriental fragrances which make the scent quite floral but very gentle and fresh which I really like!

Jojoba & White Jasmine Moisturising Shower & Body Wash* (Step One - Cleanse) | £2.45 for 225ml | Info | LINK
The first Bathing Rituals product I tried was the Moisturising Body Wash. As it contains rose hip and jojoba oils the formula is very luxurious and it leaves your skin feeling extremely soft. I found this body wash to lather up so well with just a small amount and it actually felt like it was cleansing my skin. I really enjoyed using this body wash and I love the fact it also comes in a travel size so will be perfect to use on holiday!

Jojoba & White Jasmine Body Polish* (Step Two - Exfoliate) | £2.95 for 225ml | Info | LINK
The next product I used was the body polish and I have to say this is one of the loveliest body scrubs I've used! It contains small pieces of walnut shell that gently buff away dead and dry skin which leaves your skin feeling so soft. I'm really not a fan of harsh body scrubs as my skin is sensitive, so for me this polish is perfect as it's gentle yet very effective! I'm definitely considering picking up this product next time I'm in Asda as it works so well for me.

Jojoba & White Jasmine Body Lotion* (Step Three - Moisturise) | £3.95 for 250ml | Info | LINK
The final product from the Bathing Rituals line I tried was the body lotion and once again, this is another amazing product! It contains shea butter, rose hip and jojoba oils that really hydrate and moisturise the skin. It's also a light weight lotion and literally sinks into your skin in seconds! I've found this the perfect body lotion to apply before fake tan as it sinks in so quick and doesn't leave any residue on your skin. This is such a brilliant product and I will definitely be picking this up in the future once I've used up my huge collection of body lotions and creams!

So these are my views on some of NSpa's beauty and bathing products. I hope you enjoyed the post, sorry that it's quite long but there is so much to say about all of the products! I highly recommend trying the NSpa range, it's amazing quality but at such affordable prices. They're the perfect products to use to have a spa treatment at home!

Have you tried NSpa products before? 
What are your thoughts on the Beauty and Bathing Rituals lines?


  1. These all sound great, reasonable prices too! xx

    1. They are very reasonable prices - the quality is amazing! xx

  2. These products look really good and luxurious. I'm especially intrigued by the hot cloth cleanser, I dropped my No7 one and now the pump isn't working properly. I actually find a flannel does a much better job than a muslin cloth anyway! Definitely going to keep an eye out for these products :)

    Water Painted Dreams

    1. Definitely give it a try, I love it! xx

  3. They sound great, I'd love to try them especially the hot cloth cleanser.

    1. The hot cloth polish really is lovely, leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean! xx

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  5. They sound like lovely products, the packaging is nice too xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Yes the packaging is lovely, you can actually tell the plastic tubes are good quality too! xx

  6. Aw thank you so much lovely :) xx

  7. Your product sound is great!! But my skin is very dry so want to try Illuminating Beauty Serum.

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  8. I love your blog, definitely following now!

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